3 Best Ways to Get Quality and Large Number of Backlinks

If you want to become successful and really want to earn money online then you must have a steady flow of highly targeted traffic or visitors to your website(s). The targeted traffic will convert into leads and sales on your website. Search engines, especially Google, are the free and top sources of getting this high volume of targeted traffic. But, in order to get search engines traffic you need to grab the top most rankings in search results for the target keywords.

There are many factors that determine that which web page is eligible to get the top most search engine ranking. It is believed that most important ranking factor, after good content, is the total number and quality of backlinks pointing to your website. If you want to get highest search engine ranking for a specific keyword, then you need to get sufficient amount of backlinks with the anchor text as your target keyword.

Common Ways To Get Backlinks

There are many ways to get the backlinks that you may have read in many SEO articles on different websites. The common ways to get backlinks are commenting on blogs and forums, articles submission on article websites, adding links to directories, purchasing links from webmasters, guest posting etc. In this article I am going to discuss an easy way to get plenty of backlinks to your website. This method is not very common, so I hope that you will like this idea.

1. Get Backlinks By Offering Free WP Themes
You may have noticed that most of the bloggers use WordPress to upload their content on the internet. After WP installation every blogger wants to get some nice and clean WP theme. Very few bloggers pay some money to buy a customized WP theme for their blog. But majority of the bloggers use the free WP themes and they are always looking for the theme that is slick, modern, customizable, good looking and free.

I advise you to target this large community of WP bloggers who are looking for modern and free WP themes. The idea is really simple. Hire a designer from India or Philippine and get a premium quality and unique WP theme. You will get a great theme at the price of $50-$75. After your theme is made, donít forget to place the link of your website your target keyword as anchor text at the footer of WP theme.

Now itís time to spread your WP theme to the bloggerís community. Offer your premium quality theme for free. You can add your theme on various websites that are offering free WP themes to the community. If your WP theme is of good quality, you can expect about 500-1000 downloads of your theme in one month.

2. Become Top Commentator on High PR sites
This is a very simple method to get lots of high PR backlinks. Search and find the high PR blogs where commenting is allowed and a WordPress plugin konwn as Top Commentators is installed. It will be good if your chosen blogs have many pages like 200 or more. Now you just need to comment on all the posts. Make sure that you are not doing the spamming. Your comments must be related to the post and must be posted after reading the post. In this way your comments will be liked and published by the blog owners. By doing continuous work, your name, with link, will be included in the top 7 or top 10 commentators of the blog. The names, with links, of top commentators are displayed on all pages of blog so you will be getting a link from every page of the high PR blog.

3. Become A Guest Blogger
Guest blogging is a great way to get the high value and high PR backlinks. If you have the good and real knowledge about your subject, then you should not hesitate to contact other bloggers and request them to publish your articles on their blogs. This will give you the backlinks from the highly related blogs that are authority in subject, you are discussing. Few of these authority links will boost your search ranking, very fast.

How Many Backinks Can You Expect To Get In A Month?

You can get a good number of links by the above discussed methods especially, from WP themes and becoming a top commentator on blogs. Suppose your theme is downloaded for 500 times in one month and half of them actually installed it on their blogs, then your theme will be on 250 blogs. Suppose each blog has an average of 10 posts, then your website link will be on about 2500 pages just in one month. Similarly if you are top commentator in 5 blogs having total of 1000 pages, then you will be getting 1000 high Pr links in one month.

How Powerful Are These Backlinks?
Please note that these backlinks will be from different websites from different locations with different C-Class IPs. This increases the worth of these links because backlinks from different C-Class IPs are very important for better search engine ranking. Also with the passage of time, the PR of these blogs will gradually improve and your backlinks will become even more powerful.

I hope that you like this idea to get large number of backlinks to your website.

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  1. This are really wonderful to get quality backlink but the ones I am really trying to get started on the guest blogging part, with this post I just have to put my acts together to get started, thanks

    • Yes the toughest part of any link building strategy is often just getting started. For some people the trick is to set goals and even deadlines for yourself. Maybe even reward yourself if you reach your deadline. Of course the long term benefits will be a nice reward too.

  2. Comment on related Blogs which have Commentluv and Top Commentators is Installed is the best and most effective way to get large number of quality backlinks…

  3. Commenting is win-win condition for all the bloggers, with commenting bloggers do get backlinks as well as get into discussions with new like-minded bloggers. Apart from it Free WP themes is a nice idea.

  4. Actually offering something for free for a link back is the same as selling links.
    Similar to a paid link, the backlink is not really a vote from the user to you but usually a must in order to use the template or widget etc.

  5. Yes, I totally agree with you that blog commenting is a great way to build up the link number. We can learn from the blog content too.

  6. The point is not only to get backlinks, but to get relevant backlinks that will help your blog

    • Hi HD Guy,
      thank you for your comment. Yes the relevant backlinks are important. You can get those links by commenting on the blog that are on your subject. Similarly if you want the link from related wordpress blogs then you should make a template for your target niche. Like nice acne template for acne related sites and a fashion wp theme for fashion related wp blogs. In this way you will get the links from related blogs.


  7. great idea about the free themes. i purchased artisteer for myself, bu t i guess i can use it to make a free theme!

  8. hi I learned so much from your post. Although I read that commenting on sites with high PR can give you quality backlinks, I did not take this seriously. Your post reminded me that I really have to put hard work this.



  9. Guest post with incoming links to your website does help. :)

  10. Lennart Heleander from Proprty Marbella says:

    Hi Imran,
    Donít forget the most important point with blog comments, only with blogs who have do-follow.