3 Important But Not So Obvious Lessons Learn From Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the most important things that you need to do for your blog. If you haven’t been commenting on blogs other than yours then you can be likened to a person sitting under a mushroom not knowing what else is going on around the blogosphere. If you haven’t been doing that you had better visit other blogs and start commenting!

Throughout my experience of blog commenting, I’ve learned a couple of things that I’d like to share with my readers.

1. Find Ideas to Write A Blog Post

You might not see how this could happen. If you observe closely, ideas can jump off from blog comments and there are always similarities and differences in opinions. I believe that there is nothing wrong with these opinions even though some of it might seem a little unusual but with a little bit of lateral thinking and creativity you can make an interesting article.

What I usually do is to look through the comments made and see what sort of opinions people have actually put out. I write down a list of things that have been said and start thinking of these comments and what writing ideas can be made from them. Yes it might sound tedious but it is one good source to start writing new articles!

2. Building Relationships in the Blogosphere

One of my favourite blogs to drop a comment is FamousBloggers. And I can tell you it is one great blog when it comes to bringing the blogging community to share their experiences, knowledge and building relationships. No I’m not promoting FamousBloggers, I’m just quoting an example. The point here is that making a comment builds interaction not only between you and the person who post the content but also amongst people who have commented.

You might get replies to your comments depending on how you respond to that article and how you write it. Personally, I think comments should be made not just like an afterthought but more of after careful reading of an article and scanning through the comments. This might take a little more effort on your part but you will get more replies to your comments by doing this and more people who are interested to hear from you!

3. Write Articles That Attract Attention

As a blogger, there are various types of articles you can write. Articles can be factual, controversial, reviews, interviews etc. In the “make money online” niche you will find bloggers talking about “link bait posts”. Essentially the examples I’ve quoted are link bait posts. Posts which are written to get the attention of people and also search engines. You will be surprised that different types of posts attract attention and get more comments. I know from experience, controversial posts, product reviews and interviews get more attention than anything else. “How to” posts might get some comments but still not as much as the former kinds of posts. It really depends on how you write them.

If you are lucky enough to secure an interview with a famous “guru” and post the contents of the interview, you are sure to drive more traffic and interest to that content than anything else.

So what do you think of the points that I’ve pointed out here. Let me know what you think and drop me a line.

Image Credit : Fabrice Drevon

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Bryan Wong YH has many interests in life. He has recently started blogging on things related to internet marketing. Fascinated with how it works and having posted a number of articles across the internet and his blog. Check out his blog for more mischief happenings.


  1. Hi,

    I agree. Blog commenting can be a great way to come up with new ideas for posts and can be a great source of inspiration.

    I did not understand this statement:

    “In the “make money online” niche you will find bloggers talking about “link bait posts”. Essentially the examples I’ve quoted are link bait posts.”

    What is a link bait and where are the link baits in this post?


    • Hey Nabeel, thx for replying. I’m sorry I’ve made an error on that sentence. Was meant to write a list out to describe link bait posts.

      Link bait posts are actually posts that are written to attract attention and generate a huge buzz. Attract attention as in getting visitors/bloggers to read it. So word gets out around, that your blog has an amazing piece of info that no one else has thought about. If they like your “link bait” post very much, they will add a link back to your post from their website/blog/etc

      I’ve quoted some examples like interviews, product reviews, list like “how to’s”. There are also other things like informational, controversial, rants, critique posts.

      Hope that helps:)

      • Oh Ok.

        Yeah I get it now!

        Thanks a lot for clarifying!


        • I just want to add a quick comment here. Link bait post is actually very strong method to promote the blog and get backlinks. I have seen a blogger use only this method and article marketing and he drives a huge audience to his blog everyday :)

  2. Hi,

    Yea, I agree that comment on blogs enable us to have ideas to write posts. Same goes to posting in forums.

    A great share. :-D

    So when anyone have no ideas what to post, surf the blogs that you always comment…and you can get some ideas.

  3. Yeah I definitely agree with blog commenting.If we comment on relevant blog then it creates more authority.Blog commenting should be done in do follow blog.Here we only focused on blogs commenting for blogs but it also necessary for website to comment with keyword rich anchor text to get good back links toward website.

    How to find do follow blog under your niche simple trick :-

    site:.com “Allowed HTML tags:” your keyword

  4. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Brain
    Back way point 2; If you get 10-20 comments and not give nobody a comments back are you very so lose all the readers in the end.

  5. Another not so obvious lesson are the lessons learned from commenting. By staying plugged into a few blogs, there is a much knowledge that is gleaned from the being around the blogging community.

    • yeah following a few blogs daily is also another way of adding on to your knowledge. I generally have a few fav ones I like to follow. Although I would like to keep up with more blogs, I think quality is more important than quantity

  6. “So what do you think of the points that I’ve pointed out here. Let me know what you think and drop me a line.”

    ending the blog post like your article also one of the technique for the readers to comment…

  7. You have pointed out 3 great point, especially the one that said finding ideals to write a post because sometime you have to much to comment you can write into an article for your post.
    You can also earn money from blog commenting, if you know how, but the best is to use it as one of your daily task to drive traffic and also to build relationship amount many other commentator.

  8. Hieu Martin from Blog Tips says:

    i Loved #2 Building Relationships in the Blogosphere
    this work with me

    • yeah i think commenting regularly is the way to get the ball rolling especially if you are new, then people will start noticing your presence

  9. The True Points you just posted here, Commenting on other blogs is defenetly givung a new ideas to post an article and also making good relationship, Very nice post…

  10. thx for the comment Fareed :)