3 Secrets To Selling Affiliate Products From Your Blog

Selling direct ads from a blog is the easiest and the most enjoyable way to make money online. However, it is not the best. Making money via selling affiliate products is the best way to make money online because there is no limit to how much you can earn in a month out of it. And selling through a blog is the easiest way to make money from affiliate programs. Unfortunately, not many people are very good at selling affiliate products from their blog. It requires a little bit of understanding of the human psychology and some common sense. Of course, the way things are going common sense is not so common these day. Many bloggers are just following in a herd and end up not being successful at selling affiliate products.

So here are 3 secrets that will make you sell more affiliate products from your blog:

Write a compulsive post on the theme of the product

Read the headline carefully, it says ‘a compulsive post on the theme of the product’  and not the product itself. It means writing a detailed and link-bait post on a particular topic that is related to the product that you want to sell. The best example I can give you is my own. I applied for a Namecheap domain name selling affiliate program and I wanted to make money off it. So the best way I figured was to write a authority post on domain name sellers, something like “Top 10 Domain Name Sellers” and include the Namecheap affiliate link in the post. And sure enough, the Namecheap affiliate program has been my best affiliate performer. Much like business cards, compulsive posts need to draw attention to what you’re selling.

Know the major age group visiting your blog

You can easily guess with which age group your blog is really popular with. Your commentators will be usually the best indication as to what age group your highest number of readers are in. Also, your niche will also tell you what age group your blog will be popular in. The reason why you need to know the age group of visitors to your blog is to decide what kind of affiliate product to sell. Because, you will not try to sell products that are suited for a 20-year old audience to a 50+ age group audience. This is one of the dumbest mistakes bloggers make while selling affiliate product from their blog.

Also, the demographic i.e. part of the globe where your website gets the majority its visitors is important

Never follow the crowd

This is a rule that you need to follow very strictly. Never be too desperate to sell affiliate programs that have generated the buzz to be called the “best affiliate program”, because frankly, each blog gives a different affiliate performance to different affiliate products. This can be seen in the example of the Hostgator affiliate program, which is very popular. But everyone cannot expect to earn hundreds of dollars from it. All blogs will not convert an affiliate product in the same manner. You need to be able to test different affiliate programs and see what really works for you.

These are the 3 secrets that will help you make money from affiliate programs on your blog. As a parting tip, I would like to add that always sell quality to ensure that your readers continue to trust you, thereby, generating future sales as well.

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  1. I don’t think following the herd is such a bad thing. That is unless the herd you are following is a bunch of newbies as well. You can learn a lot by paying attention to what affiliate programs your competitors are promoting. Not all of those programs will be right for your blog, but they are usually worth trying.

    Also, depending on your blog, some posts specifically about the affiliate product may work well. You just have to be careful with that approach as it can come across as fake and overly aggressive.

  2. Thanks for the tips. In my opinion having an idea about what age group visits your site and writing well documented articles about the affiliate products that you are selling is extremely important if you want to earn some real money from this type of internet business.

  3. Very well covered points but the major catch of selling affiliate products are they take user to their site and next time they will visit it directly, so you are just paid once for diverting traffic and making a sale.

  4. well written .. always add affiliate product related to the content of the blog. More trust = more success of the product. my two cents.

  5. I am starting with affiliate marketing…its easier to sell products which you believe in because you can write more compelling post about it.

  6. From instant, i gathered a little bit information about selling affiliate products from your blog :). Thanks a lot for given excellent points on here :)

  7. I agree there are no secret to selling affiliate program. People just don’t know. Once they know the trick and how to do that, they can sell it easily. What we just need are to work hard and never give up.

  8. Yes, writing around the theme of the product is a very good idea. Also, if you have built up a bit of credibility in your niche (and article marketing helps here) then recommending a product on your blog can definitely increase your sales of it.

  9. Hi, good tips for selling affiliate products from our blogs and I like your point #2 that which age group is coming on our blog because I was not considering this factor before reading this post but I will keep in my mind that which age group of people is coming on my blog.

  10. Hi Vivek,
    I agree with you that when it comes to affiliate programs, what works for one may not work for the other. The compulsive post should also contain real content, as I think if the writer exaggerates on a product or service and then the reader buys it, they might end up disappointed.
    Thanks for sharing with us your helpful tips!