4 relevant SEO tips after the Google Panda update

The Google Panda update has brought about some changes in the way SEO is conducted and it might be important that you make changes to your plans. Indeed there are some sites that have witnessed a drop in the amount of visitors while some other sites have benefited from the changes. In this article I will be providing 4 SEO tips that might be relevant after the recent Google Panda update.

Unique content

If you are an experienced SEO person you will already know that unique content is really important when it comes to ranking. But with the Panda update this has been taken to another level altogether. For instance you will want to pay special attention to duplicate pages that are automatically generated by some CMS. This is why it might be important that you update to the latest version of your CMS software. If it is a custom made one make sure that you get in touch with your web designer to find out whether it complies with the latest Google requirement.

Ads ratio to content

One of the objectives of the Google Panda update is to present only useful sites to the user and this is why it tends to eliminate MFA (Made for Adsense) sites from the ranking page. For this reason it might be important that you reduce the amount of ads on your site so as to prevent the Panda slap. If you are using Google AdSense this could be a blessing in disguise since your earning per click can go up.

Become an authority

Forget about your 5 pages website that you were building to make a few bucks off AdSense. †As said before, the Panda update tends to penalize MFA site and this is why it might be important that you avoid this. Just make sure that you add some content regularly to make sure that your site remains at all-time useful for visitors. In other words become an authority on the subject.

Social Media engagement

The Google Panda update tends to place a lot of focus on the amount of time your site is shared on social media site such as Twitter and Facebook. We all know that big brands have all benefited from this update and one way that you could build your reputation is by making sure that there is some form of engagement on your site. It might be important that you install some buttons on your site in order to facilitate the sharing among various social media site.

The Google Panda update has brought about some important changes to the way SEO is conducted on your site. The sooner you make the adjustments to your site the quicker your site might recover and the higher your site may rank in the SERP.

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  1. i agree with unique content. This tips relevant.

  2. i am also suffered from this :(

  3. I almost feel like its not about reducing the number of ads but rather about the overall quality of the website. I think Google wanted to frown more on websites with poor content and heavy ads. I think you dont have to make much changes to your ads as long as you have original and unique content. I think Google would derank websites that have unoriginal content.


  4. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Charles,
    I think Google wants; Unique content, frequency of updating (one big daily with 300-400 words or 2-3 small articles every day with 100 words), and in-linking to other articles, H1, H2, H3, Good title with important keys words (relevant to the text) so Google really can see which is the best web pages for the right keyword, information and sell add better and get more money on the sponsor links.

  5. Hi Charles,

    I am glad the google create Panda to get rid of the google adsense sites from the ranking. I get so annoyed when i search for a keyword and stumbled to page with tons of ads.

    • I am also glad, so I can get quality information when visiting a blog that carried through Google search engines.
      Nice article..

  6. MFA sites are definitely getting slapped hard this time! These sites are usually spammy and are useless.

  7. Hi Charles,
    The article is one of the best I’ve read on Google Panda and I’ll look forward to read more of your articles. Now that Google Panda has introduced some new rules, more stress will be laid on high quality content and link building practices. Google wants to scrap off duplicate contents, shady link building practices, no doubt spam and some sites have already experienced the Google Slap. Lets hope that Google succeeds in making internet more clutter free.

  8. Hi Charles,
    As long as the content is unique and has quality, you donít have to worry much about the Google Panda update. If it focuses also on the social media networks, then I guess I have to put some more effort on it. Thanks!

  9. I did not know before reading the post but now i have known the google create Panda to get rid of the google adsense sites from the ranking.thanks for information.

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