4 Tips to Make Your Blog Beautiful

Blogs have been such rapidly growing in today’s world that millions of people around the world have set up their own blogs. But do you know how to make your blogs beautiful? Here are some tips to do just this!

Know your target readers

Before you start giving your blog a face lift, you should have a clear understanding of the type of blog you own and also the demographics of your blog readers. Blogs are aplenty on the Internet today but the ones that are most popular have a specific niche in the blogosphere – whether it is a gadget blog like Engadget or even a web hosting blog such as 100webhosting.com. Know your target audience and beautify your blog accordingly!

Choose the right blog theme and layout

The first thing that a blog reader sees when your site loads will be the blog layout, so it is very important to make a good first impression (and the right one!). With so many websites providing free themes, layouts and templates, finding the right one for your blog shouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is to do a Google search on “Free WordPress/Blogger/Tumblr templates” and be prepared to browse through hundreds or even thousands of designs available for your blog platform.

Now, choosing the perfect template for your blog can be a bit tricky. Some blog templates may appear to be eye-catching and very attractive but make sure you choose the one that fits your blog’s niche best. For example, if your blog is a photography blog with a lot of your own photographic material, it would be best to choose a more minimalist template that would bring more light to your own work rather than one that would steal the limelight from your photos. On the other hand, if your blog is more text heavy, a vibrant, graphical blog template would be more ideal to make your blog seem more readable and appealing. Also, when choosing your blog template, keep an eye on whether or not it is easily customizable because it will come in handy later on.

Add a personal touch to your blog design

Even after finding that seemingly perfect design for your blog, chances are, you’re not the only one who is/will be using it. There are just too many blogs out there that it is virtually impossible for every blog to have a different design.

My advice: use it anyway, but make it your own. Customize bits and pieces of your blog template. Change the header, add some widgets – Twitter, Facebook, Digg – at the sidebar, change the font, do anything you like to make your blog more personal and personable. Of course, you’ll need some basic HTML and CSS knowledge to tweak your template but with the vast amount of tutorials available on the Internet, acquiring some of these knowledge shouldn’t be too difficult. Add all the extra codes you will need to make the blog more attractive but always make sure that your page does not look too cluttered!

Beautify your content!

After you have customized a beautiful layout for your readers to enjoy, it is time to beautify the part that will ultimately keep them coming back – the blog content. Write beautifully, write interestingly and most importantly, write what you believe in. It is also very helpful to add some relevant photos to your blog posts because as much as people might enjoy your writing, at some point they might get tired from reading too many words at one go. Photos work extremely well to emphasize a point as well as a good temporary break in some posts that might get a bit too lengthy. Insert some photos from your own collection to make your post more interesting and even if you don’t have any relevant ones, you can always source some from Google Images.

There you are several simple tips to make your blog more beautiful. Now, go ahead and spin my tips in action!

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About Jasmine

Jasmine is an experienced web hosting professional who also has a passion in web design and blogging. You can find her at Top 10 Web Hosting, a web hosting review website and Malaysia Online Boutique, one of the largest e-commerce websites in Malaysia. Do check out these websites.


  1. Hello, experienced bloggers and also new blog owners, I would really want to hear how you make your blog beautiful! Use a free theme? Or use a premium theme?

    Write more beautiful content, or use sexy pictures? Or you could even invite a lot of comments to beautify your blog! Share with us your tips and tricks!

  2. These are some great tips. I like the fact that you said that you CAN use one of the many free templates online for your blog, just make it your own with personalized elements. Many sites simply say not to use them because they’re so overused, but I think there’s enough variety out there!

    • You are right, there are so many free themes out there. You can always use one of those and customize them to make them unique. Make use of plugins also.

  3. Sujan Mukherjee from online earning says:

    Free theme or premium,the idea is to make your site look unique.That’s what matters.There’s no point being a copycat.

  4. Thanks for the tip Jasmine. I love the idea of adding personal touch into the blog design. It will surely make your site or blog a unique one.

    • Yes I think some people may overlook this option. It is easier and more cost effective to take an existing theme and customize it a bit. With the right changes, visitors may not even realize that the theme is not unique to your blog.

  5. Totally Awesome post Jasmine,
    I think The Design is the life of a blog, they say “First Impression is last Impression” so that phrase does work with blogging too. If the design is not able to catch the visitors eye they may not return for the second time buy yet content is also equally important. They say Content is the King, then the Design and Layout of the Blog is certainly the Queen. Also it is important like you said, that the design of the blog be according to the niche that the blog lies in.

  6. Personally I think a blog’s design is less important than say an e-commerce store. With a blog, you can still win over readers with quality content. Still, if you are going to put much effort into a blog, you might as well turn it into something you are proud of.

  7. Adding personal touch to a blog will make it more your own, it may add your personality because making it unique is important. What kind of layout or design would be best for an online business?

  8. Hi Jasmine,
    These are very useful tips. I think using a free theme at first would be okay, but for those who would really like to earn and make their blog look more unique, they should use a paid theme.

  9. Dear Jasmine.
    You absolutely correct. Blog is like our second home on internet. So it has to be cozy for us and make visitors comfortable. The right theme, font, picture and fresh content will make the come again to visit us.

  10. Hi Jasmine,

    Thank you for providing this useful content. You know, I am just a newby to this blogosphere and wanted to learn more that someday I can set up my own beautiful site, too. I am currently having an experimental blog from blogger and I consider it is a training ground for me. I want to make it beautiful that’s why I landed on this page hoping to learn how to make it beautiful and useful. Thank you.