4 Ways to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging has quickly become one of the most popular methods for promoting a business or increasing traffic to an already established blog.

Not only does it direct immediate traffic to your blog after a reader finishes the blog post and clicks your link to find more of your content, the support given to your site by the host site via the link is very important to Google, and eventually, in terms of how Google ranks your site.

So, given the knowledge that it’s beneficial in more than one way, if you have not yet explored guest blogging for your own site, it might be the next best thing you can do!  Not sure where to start?  Try some of these tips to get started.

1) Ask Your Blogging Friends

When just starting out, the best thing you can do is to guest blog on sites that you are already friends with.  This way you’ll already know the content type, tone and style of the blog and can write appropriately to match, with very little effort.  You’ll also know what’s already been covered so you can avoid duplicating content.

This will allow you to build up a solid portfolio, which you can then use to show potential sites that you do not already know as proof that you are a well qualified guest blogger.  I started out blogging specifically about patio heaters and had to begin with working friends within the heater industry before branching out into other areas like blogging.

2) Find Related Sites via Blog Rolls

The next easiest way to find sites is to read the blog roll lists on the sites that you are currently guest writing for.  This gives you a direct connection to the new blog.  You can even begin your pitch with something like, “You may have seen me on ___________ (fill in with the name of the blog that links out to his blog).”  This potential blogger will feel like he is repaying a favor to the original blogger who linked out to his site, simply by allowing you to write for him.  He will also have seen your writing validated by being published on a site, and he will be that much more likely to accept a guest post from you.

3) Take Advantage of Google

Google will become your best friend after you have exhausted blogs you know and the blogs that those blogs know.  You can easily type in your content topic, such as “Linux” in connection with “guest blog.”  Your search query will look something like this: “Linnux AND guest blog.”  By typing this in, Google will provide you with a list of other people who have written a guest blog about Linnux.  You can see what sites they wrote for and, knowing that those sites accept guest bloggers, attempt to get your own writing posted on those sites.

4) Search Forums

Sites like myblogguest.com actually have forums where people post “Want Ads” for guest bloggers.  They are typically broken down into category, so if you are hoping to write about Technology or about WordPress, you can go to the appropriate category and find blog owners who are actively seeking out guest bloggers to contribute valuable content to their sites.

Remember, no matter who you contact, be extremely professional and attempt to answer all their questions before they have a chance to ask them.  By doing this, you will save them time in writing you a lengthy email asking details you could have already provided.  Provide them with excellent content and chances are good they will recommend you to other sites as well.  As long as you’re writing good content and keeping a very professional demeanor, you shouldn’t have any problem finding excellent quality sites to write for!  So go get started and get ready for higher traffic to start coming in!

About Jocelyn

Jocelyn writes and blogs about how to use electric water heaters in the most energy efficient ways.


  1. I am a member of myblogguest.com . While I appreciate the concept, they should really have some sort of quality check. They should at least display the google PR rank along with every blog. The issue is, there are so many blogs advertising the need for guest posts and most of them are so new.

  2. Thanks Jocelyn. I have been considering getting into doing guest blogging lately. And I agree with you that there should be quality checks, Raj.


    • I agree as well, quality checks are important so you don’t end up with bad content. I have thought about getting into guest blogging as well, because I have some free time and could use the extra juice.

  3. While I was searching for guest post opportunities, I found these: http://www.bloggerlinkup.com/guest-post-offer,
    http://webupon.com/blogging/a-list-of-blogs-for-guest-posts, and
    I haven’t checked them yet to see if they are good but probably there will be lots of good ops, especially in the lists.

  4. After Google Panda, there’s little choice but to create quality backlinks. Naturally, guest blogging is a ranks high on the list of options for creating quality backlinks.

    • I agree with you. Quality is what is important. There is no point having thousands of links from spam farms… haha, they will hurt our website’s reputation and ranking too!

  5. Google is a great way to find guest blogging opportunities. Once just need to know the right kind of keywords to search for. I am yet to get into Guest blogging. I was planning to start with it in the coming weeks.

    • Cheolsu,
      It’s really beneficial to do guest blogging. Yes, I believe Google is a great place to start looking for guest blogging opportunities.

  6. I have seen some that have and some that don’t. The ones i have found to be the best are the ones who have quality checks and then a rating system in place. Clients can even give notes on writing style and particular expertise.

  7. i like guest blogging in those blogs which i find suitable according to my blog niche. it makes more sense and fetches better results

    • Hi Tushar,
      I agree with you. Guest blogging to other blogs which have the same niche as yours is actually more productive and gives you better results that the readers there will surely go and visit your blog.

  8. Hi!

    I believe that guest blogging is important to enhance the value of a blog. I think only wordpress has this facility and blogger is yet to update it. I will also join myblogguest.com to make use of this prospect.


  9. Guest blogging can help improve the development of the blog into a more positive direction
    Who does not want to do it, frankly I want to do it..
    Thanks, your tips on this post is very useful for me

  10. Very informative post. Guest blogging is a wonderful Idea as you get to market yourself on other blogs and this can do a lot to increase traffic to your site. Glad I came across your post.