5 Reasons Why Choose Google AdSense to Make Money Online

Either you are new in the Internet or may have already been in the Web searching for ways to make money online; you may have encountered various ways to monetize your website. These may include advertising programs, affiliate marketing, solicitation of sponsors (advertisement), asking for donations and other clever and ingenious ways to make money legitimately. You will find different stories, experiences and recommendations on choosing which among the variety of monetization is the most profitable and probably the best way to use in your website.

Well, in my opinion, it varies from one individual to another so it also applies that it varies from one website to another. But based on my experience and from the earnings of famous Blogging Gurus, Google AdSense is one good profitable way to earn decently in the Internet.

Itís Free Ė No Registration and Dormant Fees

Joining Google AdSense is absolutely free, you donít have to pay any registration fees and it does not matter on how long you will reach the threshold for payment, you will not be charged for any dormant fees whatsoever. Just make sure you have a quality website so you will be assured that your application will be approved. So before applying for an AdSense Account it is highly recommended to read first the AdSense Program Policies especially the one that discusses the kinds of content that are not allowed to be published in your site. Take note, it does not only mention about the content or articles which must not be placed in your site it also states that you cannot link to websites containing them.

AdSense Google Uses Contextual Advertising

If you are going to use AdSense for content which is the most common type of Ad being used by the way; Google AdSense will make it easier for you to make money by using the same technology that they use with their search engine. They will provide link ads related and relevant to the niche of your site. As soon as you place the AdSense JavaScript code provided within your website, it will start scanning the content of the web page where the code is placed and the neighboring web pages of the site. It will soon pull out relevant ads related to the topic, subject or niche of your site and this is what they call contextual advertising. By showing related and targeted link ads to your readers or visitors, it will then increase the chances that one of them will click the ads shown.

No Hard Selling of Stuff and Services to Earn

Compared with other earning programs or other ways to make extra money online like affiliate marketing, you donít need to sell products or services first before you earn a commission. Selling stuff in the Internet especially if you are new is not an easy task. Even if you could acquire targeted traffic to your site there is no guarantee that these people, especially first time visitors, will buy anything from the products that you are promoting in your site. This scenario is entirely different when you are using Google AdSense, with just a click from your visitor, you instantly earn a commission. And because it uses contextual advertising it will make life easier for you by drawing out relevant ads related to your niche thus increasing the interest and enthusiasm of your visitors in visiting those links.

Internet Users will Know You have a Legitimate Site

When you apply for a Google AdSense Account, they will first check your site by the URL you provided if your application is going to be approved or not. Google is very strict in implementing its guidelines and program policies if you are going to use AdSense. Although you can change the quality of your site once your application is approved, it will again be visited and reviewed once earnings to your AdSense account starts to kick in. And if they found out that you are no longer complying with their Program Policies, your account will be penalized and much worse your account will be banned.

Google AdSense is a profitable program, so donít pour that great opportunity into the drain, always comply with the guidelines and program policies laid for AdSense publishers to abide. So if Internet users happen to visit your site and see those AdSense ads, they might as well say your site has quality. And if you happen to see a site full of junk with AdSense ads place in it, well it only means that site has not yet been revisited and is not earning anything from AdSense. But trust me, the ads on those sites will be disabled soon enough, Iíve seen sites with blank AdSense Ads and I can tell because of their blank shapes within the post.

We Assist Google in Improving the Web

Google has dominated the Internet by providing the most relevant search results to Internet users. In order to maintain providing this kind of service, it has made lots of changes in its algorithm in order to adapt with the manipulation and changes going on in the Web. Google has done its best to provide solutions and has resolved the negative practices done by some mischievous SEO professionals in order to manipulate the algorithm. So if we want our website to gain top rankings in order to acquire targeted traffic thus increasing our AdSense earnings, then we should strictly follow the Webmaster Guidelines and the AdSense Program Policies laid by Google. It should also be known that Googleís earnings can directly be attributed from AdSense, so by choosing and using this profitable advertising program, not only do we earn decently online but we also do our share in helping improve the Web.

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  1. No doubt adsense is backbone of money you can make online.. Specially as a blogger I would say it;s the first thing which one should aim for and once you get real stream of recurring income from adsense try your hands on other sector of MMO like affiliate marketing, CPM and other ads….

  2. Nice post, as you’ll notice from the i love link i’ve just written a post on this topic as well so if you’re interested come over and check it out.

  3. Indeed Google Adsense is a very great network for everyone to make money online. However, I personally still think that as an internet marketer, or blogger, we should have multiple income streams.

    • I definitely agree about the multiple income streams. You never want to be over-reliant on any one income stream. That way, if something bad happens to one income stream, you have other income streams to fall back upon. You also get a better idea of which stream is more profitable and worth putting in prime page locations.

      • @Jeremy – Yes, it’s true, not only for fall back but considering also that AdSense is not for everyone for various reasons we must discover which monetization method works best.

        Knowing what really will generate the highest income for our website can be done through experiments. Blogging Guru, Darren Rowse of Problogger.net whose secondary highest income is AdSense (disclosed Income for July) pointed that out.

  4. No doubt, best blog monetizing method!


  5. Google Adsense, for me, is surely one of the easy and proven methods on how to make money online, especially for those who have blog sites.

  6. For me I feel Google Adsense Is a great way to monetize a niche site. I use it on many of my niche sites and I earn a pretty good passive income from it

  7. Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your site. You do need to know how to use it correctly as well. It was not so easy for me in the beginning. You also need to take into account that Google will put out false information too. Otherwise they would be giving away the possibility to reverse engineer their algorithm.

  8. In my opinion, AdSense is only the best monetization strategy for beginners. Once you know what you’re doing, you can make a lot more money through other techniques. To me AdSense lowers the quality of a site. I trust a site less when I see that as their main monetization technique.

    • I respect your opinion, but for me I do give honor and look highly to some websites that uses AdSense as their primary monetization like Ezinearticles.com. Thank you.

  9. The main important thing in Google Adsense that it shows content specific advertisements and coz of that ads gets huge clicks and we get more money :P

  10. Good timing.

    I just got off a Skype call with a new affiliate who was just told by their affiliate manager that ďthereís no money in Google AdSenseĒ.

    I guess itís not surprising because Googleís AdSense program does compete directly with affiliate programs.

    It also seems many feel that Google AdSense is the poor second cousin to affiliate programs. I would say thatís true for many but for others the Google AdSense program is much more like a rich old uncle.

    Itís also true that many do NOT making any money with Google AdSense, but the same is also true with affiliate programs. In either case it is all in the execution.

    Affiliate programs are great. I have been a full-time affiliate since 1999. I love affiliate programs, but Google AdSense too!

    The thing I have found about AdSense is that if you want to make real money with them you need to be ďall inĒ so to speak. And by ďall inĒ I mean the page design needs to be very AdSense friendly. Turn off all the distractions. Eliminate 90% of what you have displaying in the column of a typical site. Turn-off the comments. In other words eliminate all of the distractions and unnecessary links on the page.

    You also need to pay attention to your analtyics. You need to know which pages on your site are earning you a $1 or $2 for each click Öand then work hard to get those pages ranking in the natural results, especially Google.

    A page that has a 20% click-thru rate that has a hundred visitors a day = $20 a day or about $600 a month and thatís just from one page. Put 4 pages like that together and you would be earning $2400 a month!

    Google recently reported that they pay a whopping 68% of the revenue collected from advertisers to publishers for ads that appear on their sites ..and rumor has it that Google does collect a fair bit of revenue from their advertisers.

    I love affiliate programs and Google AdSense too!