5 Secrets Using Social Media to Drive Blog Traffic

Social media offers a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Specifically, opt-in services like Facebook and Twitter can help you reach an audience that is not only interested, but often willing to share what you say. These services can supplement your traffic, and offer a way to open your blog up to viral marketing. Here are a few tips that can maximize your social media traffic efforts.

1. Don’t overdo it. Many users are very careful about who and what they will “Like” on Facebook or follow on Twitter, and with good reason: there’s only so much attention to go around. If you hog their Twitter feed and drown out friends on Facebook, you can expect to be unfollowed or ignored quickly. You should use social media promotion regularly, but when you do, be sure to make it count.

2. Put some thought into it what you’re putting out there. Rather than simply tweeting or creating a status update that shares your latest blog post title, offer some insight into what’s behind the link in order to entice readers to follow and share what you’re posting. Supplemental images as well as leading questions can help facilitate discussion.

3. Pay attention to timing. Rarely will you see a spike in traffic from social media at noon on a Sunday, but 9AM on a Tuesday can certainly offer an impressive rush. Think about when your readers are most likely to be tuning in. Often, this is during the work week, and almost always before noon. Most people like to check in on social media first thing when they get to work, so take advantage of this prime time audience by saving your social media efforts for these hours.

4. Be a human. So many blogs use social media as an RSS feed, and this is a mistake. This is most often seen on Twitter, and it is baffling. Most Twitter users are familiar with the concept of RSS, and if they want to subscribe in that way, they will. On Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, they are looking for added insight and additional content. Share exclusive contests, post behind the scenes photos, and more. You should make it worth their while to pay attention to you on social media, or they simply won’t.

5. Talk back. Another part of being human on social media is interacting with those who are participating. Encourage comments on Facebook, and be quick to respond to what is said. Keep a close watch on your Twitter mentions-if someone wants to talk to you, you should encourage it! Find out what’s being said about or shared from you on Twitter, and respond appropriately. No one likes a one way conversation, so don’t treat your readers that way.

Promoting your blog on social media is an investment of time and effort, but when done right, it can pay off in a big way. Carefully consider your social media strategy, and watch out for pitfalls along the way to build a loyal reader base that loves to share and interact with what you have to say.

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I am Roger Elmore, a free lance writer, writes on the topics of hospitality management degree. You can reach me at rogerelmore24 @gmail.com.


  1. Though these tips are not relatively new but often we forget about this salient tips and try to re-invent the wheel, thanks for the reminder but most importantly never overdo the social media stuff!

  2. I have never been able to crack social media at all. In my experience, to get results from it, has been quite time intensive, and it’s just not something I am good at or interested enough in.
    I think it’s a real skill-set, and I have got a lot of time for the people who can pull it off.

  3. Social Media should really be handled with utmost caution because it’s people and people’s reaction you’re dealing with. One mistake and that’s how others will see you already, it will stick. So be careful when posting or responding, there’s always something at stake.

  4. I love the talking back aspect of social media, specifically Twitter. It allows you to communicate with your clients and more importantly keeps lines of communication open. That’s a very important part for a business of any kind.

  5. I’m really in the same boat as Dave. I haven’t been able to get the social media thing down either. I tried Twitter, but rarely got any views to my blog from it even though I had a bunch of followers. I think they were all just trying to promote their own sites and products to me, because I got a TON of spam there. I eventually quit and stuck to using twitter only for personal use. I also tried Facebook, and I’m still trying it… It’s been going ehhhh Ok.. but not brilliant. I guess for now I’m going to stick to what I know and that’s search engine traffic.

  6. I got good percentage of traffic from FaceBook but twitter is not as good. I believe twitter today just became a took for marketing product and services and no one interested in your product and service.

  7. I certainly agree to the TIMING tip. I mean, some people tend to do some social media campaign everyday as long as they can and they forget the right time to do it.

  8. Nice article Roger. I totally agree with you here. I think there are too few people that don’t really think about what they are putting out there. It happens to me too. I still haven’t found my way to social media though.

  9. yeah.. i agree with the first point that we shouldn’t over do it ! As much as we want to drive traffic to our site using the social media, we must be careful in how we make use of it.

  10. I read everything I could lay my hands on about driving traffic with social media. I tried a lot of different tactics, but without any success. I agree with TriNi. All I get out of it is a heap of spam from people trying to promote their sites. I eventually gave up on social media and went back to back linking. Maybe I am just not social enough