5 Tech Blogs For Writing Inspiration

As a prolific blogger I know well the advantages of being well informed on the state of the art in my field in order to improve my craft, and here are five of the best blogs to study if you want to read (and be) the best blogger you can be.

Daring Fireball

Considering John Gruber has never held an executive position at Apple, he has widely been heralded as the most knowledgeable blogger in the Applesphere. Gruber’s blog is an ultimate example of a blog deriving from a profound personal interest and encyclopedic knowledge of your subject matter. When he delves into arcane topics as the “format preferred by H.264 opponents has changed from Ogg Theora to WebM” his opinions are accepted as referenced fact and thus enter the Apple zeitgeist. Analyzing Daring Fireball as an example of the best of tech blogging will teach any writer that there effectively are no limits to how deeply you should cover your niche.

Scripting News

If you want to learn about RSS why not read the blog of its pioneer, Dave Winer? A considerable amount of today’s web landscape such as podcasting, web content management software, and some claim even blogs themselves, trace their lineage to some aspect of Dave Winer’s early work. Given his accomplishments Winer is no ivory tower elitist as he liberally peppers his blog with expletives and controversial opinions, and does not shy away from realistic evaluations of his own technologies such as his recent anthology of how to “reboot” RSS. Scripting News is a dizzying ride between it “wasn’t my fault, I told the developers of the second wave of RSS readers they were wrong to view RSS as email” and “in the Ayn Rand view, who’s supposed to plow the streets when a Snowpocalypse happens?” That’s a mix that keeps its audience enthralled, entertained, educated, and coming back for more.

Matt Cutts’ Blog

While we’re on the subject of reading authoritative bloggers, there are few if any words on the internet which are scrutinized, analyzed, and dissected to the extent of the ones found on Matt Cutts’ blog. As the powerful head of Google’s Webspam team, his determinations of what constitutes the ever-shifting border between Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques powerfully affect Google SERPs and thus billions of dollars of online advertising revenue. Go onto any SEO tech forum and you’ll find dozens of threads attempting to decipher the secret nuggets to be found between Cutts’ latest utterances.

Jeffrey Sambells’ Blog

The self-described Geek Dad, Mobile Maestro, and Web Ninja holds court in a nerdfest unlike any other on the net. Sambells will bounce between how he just figured out how to leave a rectangular hole in the middle of a blacked out Google Map via its API (complete with KML code) and how to confront Android’s baffling pixel density variances (also with XML code), with the casual authority of Bobby Flay discussing the qualities of jalapenos and habaneros. Blog readers seek value and Sambells provides one of the most concentrated tech soups to be found anywhere.

Far Beyond The Stars

Everett Bogue’s blog differs from many of the top entries in this field as he is not linked to any particular product or service other than promoting his own works. He advocates minimalist business practices and the art of toning down all aspects of our frantic lives in order to rediscover our lost selves. The blog is filled with quirky treasures like “for every hour of Twitter = one hour of yoga,” and “here is the plan: there is none.” Although it might be a bit too pseudo-Zen for many, Bogue’s idiosyncratic blogging style of mixing up cultural references from Donnie Darko to Battlestar Galactica to the Bhagavad Gita (in the same paragraph) is certainly worth examination as a way to expand the breadth and scope of any writer’s blog.

If you’re going to pattern your blog copy after any authors you would be well advised to consider any of these five!

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  1. Wow, these are all great blogs and famous for what they are doing! My favorite is Matt Cutts’ blog, since I love SEO! :)

  2. Hi Hal, these 5 blogs will be help full for me to gather information for how to write the content and so on. And, these things will be help full for a lot of people like me. I would like to say thanks for given superior information.

  3. Hi, all the information provided in this post is really helpful but personally Matt Cutts’ Blog is the best blog out of 5

  4. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Hal,
    Heavy bloggers all five, but the only one I don’t read is Matt Cutts blog. He put out both true and false rumors about Google all the time and it only generates confusions about SEO.

  5. Rakesh Kumar from Latest Prices says:

    Of course these blogs are an inspiration guides and I hope i will get something new for my future skills. Thanks for suggesting.

  6. Well I was a bit surprised by the choices. Perhaps the title should’ve been ‘5 Web Technology Blogs for Writing Inspiration’. I was expecting more hardware related tech blogs. It is important for a blogger to keep up to date in his chosen niche though. So be sure to follow the top bloggers in that niche. Just don’t follow too many or you will kill far too much time.

  7. Hal, very good blog list! It is good to know these blogs. I’m always trying to find the best feature from other blogs and use it on my blog. I believe though in a single phrase “keep it simple” !

  8. Great blog list! I read only Matt Cutts’ Blog in this list. Wasn’t aware of these other blogs!

  9. this is good example. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Hi Hal,
    I cannot accuse myself of being a fan great fan of reading blogs of different SEO gurus, but I think Matt Cutts’ Blog is a must
    Regards. Tanya