5 Ways for Beginners to Make Money Online

It seems like everyone thinks they can make money online. Like anything else, it takes work to have a successful online business. However, you don’t need to have a business degree to do it. In fact, there are N great ways for beginners to make money online.

5 Ways for Beginners to Make Money Online

1. Ecommerce

It is what it sounds like – selling goods or services through the internet. Once you head online, you can sell things to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Customers can pay with their credit or debit cards, and it is just as safe as making a payment in a regular store.

With ecommerce, you can work strictly online, or you can use it in conjunction with your brick and mortar store. If, for example, you own a shoe store, you can set up a website, sell your shoes online, and fulfill orders with your own inventory.

2. Drop shipping

If you don’t have your own product, you can still make money in ecommerce, through a process called drop shipping.

In drop shipping, you set up a website and promote products. However, when someone actually places an order, they receive the product directly from the manufacturer. Instead of you filling and shipping the order yourself, you are more like a middleman. Your profit comes from the difference between the manufacturer’s price and the price you charged your customer.

3. AdSense

Run by Google, AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money online. In AdSense, Google puts ads on your site. Whenever someone clicks on one, you get money. You may get a few cents per click, or you may get a few dollars for each click. To be successful with AdSense, you need an interesting website with lots of traffic – to maximize your chances of getting people to click on your ads.

4. Affiliate Marketing

When you’re an affiliate, you work to sell someone else’s product for them. You set up your own website and promote the product yourself. Then, when someone buys it, you get a commission. Some affiliates make 20% commission; others make 75%. It all depends on the product you’re an affiliate for.All of the commissions are agreed upon up front – by the company who owns the product.

If you have your own product, you can recruit affiliates to promote if for you. Sure, you will have to pay each of them a commission, but the more people you can get to promote your product, the more sales you will make in the end.

5. Selling advertising

You can put other people’s ads on your website without going through Google AdSense. And, since you’re not going through Google, you don’t have to worry about getting paid by the click. Instead, you get paid a flat fee, as if you were “renting out” space on your site to advertisers.

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  1. I will suggest AdSense, Affiliates and Selling Ads…

  2. hey can i ask a question?
    where is BLOGGING in this list?
    did you missed it intentionally or mistakenly?

    • I wouldn’t say that blogging is a good way to make money for beginners. It takes a long time to make money blogging and by the time you get there you are an expert (or should be!)

  3. How about surveys and gpt sites?
    I dunno but a few if the ways you mention such as affiliate marketing and adsense, I think takes a lot more work than a beginner can handle . Just my opinion though.

    • I agree, all these 5 ways to make money can work only for a well established website. Especially Google adsense. You have to have thousands of visitors a day to make any money out of it. A beginner have to come up with more creative ways to make money online. For some creative ideas I would recommend website called fiverr.com where beginners make $5 at a time.

  4. Thanks for providing this tips on making money online. This is such a great help for those who will succeed with this. Everybody is now taking a chance of earning a living thru the internet due to the recession. Articles like this will help a lot. Hope to read more tips from you.

  5. i already try some of that ways. It was good and i earn good money too. I hope i can earn better next time.