6 Ways How to Keep Visitors on Your Blog

When a visitor comes to your blog they are usually looking for a quick answer or browse, it is your job to make them want to stay. This can be done with excellent content and I would argue that it should be but if you don’t have anything else on your site to help them read the rest of your content then they will have no choice but to click away onto another site. Here are a few things that you can do that will help people stay on your site and reduce your bounce rate.

6 Ways How to Keep Visitors on Your Blog

1. Featured Post Widget

This is a great way to get people to continue using your site. When you put up a featured post widget up you should pick your best posts and put attractive pictures on there to attract people in. I would recommend that you put the featured post widget right at the top of your blog. This gives your visitors access to your best posts straight away when they come on to your blog and something eyecatching for them.

2. Interlinking your site

This is the process of linking to other posts from all of your other posts. Let me be a little clearer, if you mention something in your post that you have already discussed before then provide a link to that post. This allows visitors to change to a different post if that interests them and also allows you to write posts with access to much more information than you can fit into one post on its own. An added benefit to this is that it is also good for search engine optimization.

3. Next and Previous Buttons

This should come as standard with your theme but if it doesn’t then you must add it. It allows visitors to simply browse through your recent content. Also it is handily placed right at the bottom of your posts so as soon as they have finished one post they have an option to move straight to another one. Also a possible option for you is to add a random post button. This allows your users another option if they don’t know what they want to read.

4. At least 2 navigation menus

The reason i say that you need 2 is because you need as many different ways for visitors to access your old content as possible. I would at least put your catagories up in the side bar but also I would have a main navigation option at the top of your blog because this is where most people expect to see it.

5. An indepth footer

What I mean by an indepth footer is add a lot of information in there. When people have finished with your post that is what they are going to see so there should be at least one option to view other content on your blog. Most people fill their footer with an about me section or some adverts but one widget should be reserved for archives or catagories.

6. A visitors top post widget

Some people who are searching through blogs arenít interested in what the blogger thinks they are interested in what other readers think of the blog. One way to show people that others have liked certain parts of your site you could add a voting system to your blog so that the visitors choose their favourite post and then you can display that in your side bar. A different way of going about this is to have a top commentors widget. This will show which people are ommenting most on your blog but also it could show which post has been commented on the most. Posts whih have provoked a lot of discussion are bound to attract the visitors who are interested in what the community thinks of your blog. Another advantage of having a top commentors widget is that it will encourage people to comment because if they get on the top commentors section they will get a good backlink out of it.

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  1. It is really a tough business to glue your visitors at your blog.
    I am really facing this problem at my blog .
    It is like, I have that much hits on my blog but the average time they spend on blog is very much less.

    I am going to implement steps you have suggested and will tell you an according results.

    Thanks a lot for posting such great tips about blogging.

  2. Internal linking is what keeps people going through your site..because each post links to another..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  3. Thanks, I am following all of your tips to keep visitors on my blog except last one. I will place it on my blog very soon.

  4. Good tips. Interlinking within the site will make users stay on the site for longer time provided you have great and related content. :)

  5. Just as I’ve understood about Google ad sense, I wish to know more about people tracking the blogs without Promoting them on the internet. I meant if I make a blog,write about my interest and include some Sketches of mine .Also , if I add some google adsense advertisements in the blog . I need to know how people track blogs and read them . If any website which could make me understand in detail , I’d appreciate it . P.S- Don’t spam and reply with silly answers . Thanx & regards

  6. Thanks for the reminder. Interlinking pages should be done with care as broken links put off a lot of people.

  7. very nice tips, strongly agree with interlinking. Thumbs up!

  8. Great tips – especially #2. I’ve found tremendous fruit in linking to my site’s “deep content” but that’s obviously something you can only do if you’ve been blogging for awhile.

  9. emm, i should consider that tips. Might be it will help me to gain more readers and traffic.

  10. actually, it’s great tips to all the people. Thanks for sharing:-)