66 Professional Bloggers You Should Follow

In blogosphere, there are dozens of established professional blogger which teach beginner blogger how to build a blog, how to develop a blog, how to bring your blog to next level, how to market your blog, how to make money online with your blog, and etc. Most of us have the same target and goal, make money online! Aren’t you? Therefore, Garrett McNamara wrote a great guest post about 12 tips for making money online yesterday. Making money online is not a 1 or 2 days job, it requires hardworks, efforts and times. So you know blogging tips, internet marketing, article marketing, make money online, social media, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and etc, all the blogs which write these tips and tutorials could be able to bring you to another level of blogging and making money online.

Therefore, I’ve gone through and collected a list of 66 blogs which are worth reading. It could gives you extra knowledge about internet marketing, make money online and any other useful tips. I hope this list helps everyone who would like to learn more about make money online.

List Of 66 Professional Bloggers

1) www.Problogger.net

2) www.DailyBlogTips.com

3) www.Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

4) www.DoshDosh.com

5) www.JohnChow.com

6) www.ThouShallBlog.com

7) www.MoneyMakingMommy.com

8 ) www.MakeMoneyOnlineGrizzly.com

9) www.JohnCow.com

10) www.PeiProfit.com

11) www.StevePavlina.com

12) www.3arn.net

13) www.LifeIsColourful.com

14) www.PeterLeehc.com/blog

15) www.Balkhis.com

16) www.IanFernando.com

17) www.CopyBlogger.com

18) www.GarryConn.com

19) www.ScopeForMoney.com

20) www.SearchEnginePeople.com

21) www.CourtneyTuttle.com

22) www.NicolasPrudhon.com

23) www.JoelComm.com

24) www.TylerCruz.com

25) www.JonathanNolk.com

26) www.ZacJohnson.com

27) www.ChrisBrogan.com

28) www.Successful-Blog.com

29) www.ShoeMoney.com

30) www.ChrisG.com

31) www.Skelliewag.com

32) www.MarketingPilGrim.com

33) www.WinningTheweb.com

34) www.BloggingTips.com

35) www.Blogsessive.com

36) www.SugarRae.com

37) www.ConversationMarketing.com

38) www.CarlOcab.com

39) www.AndyBeard.eu

40) www.DavidRisley.com

41) www.LinkersBlog.com

42) www.BlueVerse.com

43) www.JimKukral.com

44) www.Caroline-Middlebrook.com/blog

45) www.ReveNews.com

46) www.AffiliateWatcher.com

47) www.MasonWorld.com

48) www.WhyDoWork.com/blog

49) www.Blogtrepreneur.com

50) www.SearchForBlogging.com

51) www.TheUniversityKid.com

52) www.BloggingBits.com

53) www.StephanMiller.com

54) www.StandoutBlogger.com

55) www.TheNetFool.com

56) www.SeoZombie.com

57) www.PureBlogging.com

58) www.MomsCashBlog.com

59) www.Blog.MarketingTips.com

60) www.ProBlogineer.com

61) www.Earnblogger.com

62) www.MoneyBites.com

63) www.MelvinBlog.com

64) www.ExtremeJohn.com

65) www.Memwg.com

66) www.MyBlog2Day.com 8)

Additional Blog :-

67) www.Antharjalaya.com

68) www.Clickkt.com

69) www.ZenHabits.com

70) www.MasHable.com

71) www.TycoonBlogger.com

72) www.LabNol.org

The List Goes On…

Reading all the tips and tutorials that have been written by all the bloggers above, you could be able to improve your blog and make more money with your blog. In blogging journey, we have at least one mentor who guides us how to improve our blog or gives us inspiration to blogging continuously. I have my mentors too, bloggers who write awesome articles and tutorials, all of them are my mentors, they taught me a lot in blogging.

So, who is your mentor in your niche? Have I missed out anyone in the list above? Leave a comment below and provide the link, I’ll add it into the list.

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. Wow, thanks for this huge list.

    I personally like Copyblogger, Caroline Middlebrook and Myblog2Day :D .

    Let me add two more awesome blogs: mindvallelabs.com/blog for its excellent marketing tips and antharjalaya.com for its motivation and inspiration.

  2. @Chetan,
    Ops, Myblog2Day is in your list too. :D Thanks dude!
    Between, is there any typo error for mindvallelabs.com/blog because I’m not able to access this blog?
    I’ve visited AntharJalaya.com and added him into the list, another great blog! Thanks for sharing Chetan! :)

  3. Awesome list. Already following some of these bloggers.

    Thanks for putting the list up for us!

  4. Thank you very much for this list. I will have to check every single one of them out. I only knew of a handful of these before.

  5. Fulamak, myblog2day is one of the blogs I followed all the while I have been blogging lol. Wei how can you miss out aunty Lilian leh? She very obnoxious one know :D But her money blog is getting not no relevant nowadays. Still, myblog2day suits my taste better, easier to understand for Malaysian like me lol.

  6. @Salwa,
    Glad that you like it Salwa! I hope you enjoy reading their blog, come back to check out more! :)

  7. @MaverickBlogging,
    You’re welcome dude! Check out all them and you should be able to learn something new. See you again! :D

  8. @Mike,
    Yea, that’s why I pull her out right now, but will check out her blog and put her back to the list. :)
    Bro, thanks for supporting me all the ways, haha! :P

  9. Hix, don’t have my link in this post, but thanks for sharing!

  10. hoho. my blog is not at that list. Haha..