7 Effective Blog Tips For Getting Readers

Previously, I’ve covered about “7 Ways Gain Traffic To Your Blog“. Traffic is not only important for blog that wants to make money, but for any other niche blogs as well. Some bloggers, they love people to visit and read their blog, while some of them are not. I personally like traffic, traffic is the only key of making money from blogging. You’ll get nothing if you have zero traffic. (Note : I like traffic but I hate “Traffic Jam”!)

I’ve tried various ways in getting readers to my blog, but I found that not every way that I tried were effectively driving traffic to my blog. In this post, I would like to share with you my experiences of driving more traffic to my blog :

1) Link Exchange With Relevant Blog
Link exchange is a very common tip on getting traffic, but not every blog that link to you may drive you tons of traffic. In order to receive traffic from other blogs, perhaps you can do link exchange with relevant niche blogs.

Example : Let’s say I’m looking for “make money blogging” article, I’m a reader of Blog A, I’ve read all the “make money blogging” articles in this Blog, so I’ll check out whether there is any other relevant “make money blogging” blogs in Blog A. If your blog is a “make money blogging” blog under the blogroll, I would be your new reader!

In addition, doing link exchange not only increasing your traffics, it increases search engine ranking and pagerank for your blog as well.

2) Participate in blog’s / forum’s conversations
Participating in other blog and forum conversation, it could help to bring in new readers to your blog. Everytimes you leave a comment on others’ blog or forum, leave your blog URL at the signature. Remember not to leave comment like “I like your blog”, “Nice blog you have” or something like this, Google will penalty you and mark you as a spammer. I personally like constructive and genuine comment which gives suggestion, opinion and discussion.

The owner for the blog / forum may like to visit your blog too and check out who is the “constructive” person who drop me a comment.

3) Communicate with Your Readers
In my point of view, everytimes I leave a comment on others’ blog to ask something else or giving suggestion, if the owner is very kind and reply my questions, I’ll definitely visit the blog again and again. I like active blog with consistently response (Live Blog). I practiced this when I first built up my make money blog, I like discussions, opinions and comments. Discussion, opinions and comments push me to write more and improve myself as well.

Remember I had covered that commenting can increase your backlinks, this is the way on how to improve your search engine ranking.

4) Update Your Blog Frequently
Updating your blog more often, Google Bots will crawl your site frequently to update their database as well. The more articles you write, the more articles will be indexed, the more easier readers find your articles, indirectly the more readers you will get. Write an article a day is ideal, it depends on how well you manage your blog.

5) Add a Signature To Your Outgoing Email
I believe that anyone who has internet will also own an email. Simply add a signature to the bottom of your outgoing email. Other than sending email to others, at the mean time you’re telling people that you have a blog, ask them to pay you a visit. This helps to expose your blog to the public.

Be careful, not to add signature to your outgoing email if you don’t want certain people to visit your blog.

6) Search Engine Optimization
In my opinion, this is the 2nd most effective way for getting readers to your blog. As a blogger, you are recommended to know some basic SEO tips, and you need to apply these tips on your blog to improve the search engine ranking. If you tend to make money, organic traffic is what you really want.

7) Quality Unique Content
I could say qualify unique content take the first place for getting readers. Content is everything, your search engine ranking won’t be strong without quality content. Google consider your blog content as a factor of giving you a rank in search engine. Remember, content is everything!

I believe that there are tons of way to get traffic to your blog out there, but I personally found that these 7 ways are the most effectiveness. I’m writing about make money blogging tips, so traffic are very important to me. In make money blogging sphere, a blog without traffic is going to be a dead blog. Make money takes my second place, blog for interest is my main reason of starting this blog.

What is the best way that you find effective to drive in more traffic to your blog?

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. nice post :D very useful guide you have there :D so anybody want to exchange links with me hehehe

  2. Easy to explain, but I found it quite hard to practice it in effective way. Anyway, thanks for your info!

    ians last blog post..Really Expensive Gift Wrapping Paper – Real US$ Bills Sheets!

  3. VOY : Thanks VOY! I hope you enjoy the tips in my make money blogging blog. =)

    VOY, perhaps you can add people’s link in your blog first before asking people to add your link, it’s more effectiveness. =)

  4. ian : Yea, nothing is easy without effort. But I find out all the 7 tips that I mentioned are quite simple to getting readers except for #6 Search Engine Optimization. =)

    For search engine optimization, you might need to choose correct keyword, optimize your keyword, on & off-page optimization, etc. to improve your search engine ranking. It takes time for search engine ranking. =)

  5. I always like your pictures in your blog posts. Where did you get them? Did you draw them? ;=)

    Jessicas last blog post..Microsoft Tech.Ed US 2008 Conference DVDs

  6. Jessica : Actually I think that reading article together with picture, it won’t bored readers. So I’ll apply at least 1 picture in one post.
    The photo source from Google, I edit some of them too. But be make sure that the photo’s copyright status

    I hope you enjoy my photo and my articles as well. =)

  7. good tips. i like the one about visiting particular blogs regularly. it also goes to the feeling that somehow you’re part of a community, and when there’s that kind of feeling, there’s a greater chance of developing more loyal readers. not a huge traffic increase tip, but one that tends to endure.

    koujis last blog post..haiku poem: conversation

  8. kouji : Yea, be a part of the member in a blog. Build up a community over there, when the blog owner knows that you are his loyal reader, he might read your blog to know who is reading his blog as well. Perhaps the blog owner can be one of your loyal reader as well. =)

  9. content and run some contest. Thats why i did at my blog. Its working after i work hard after 1 year. Usually i got around 400-2k unique visitor everyday. :)

  10. kahoongchai: and i do find that to be the case. when i read and comment on other bloggers’ poetry, they tend to come by my blog to read and comment on mine as well. :) they’re the reason my traffic numbers are actually in double digits actually. :D

    koujis last blog post..haiku poem: conversation