About Myblog2day

Myblog2day is an active community about make money online and make money blogging. It’s run by two Malaysian webmasters, a team of guest writers, as well as a group of bloggers regularly sharing their comments and thoughts on various articles.

About Lee (The Founder)

Malaysian webmaster Lee Ka HoongMy name is Lee, a full time Quantity Surveyor in a public listed company, part time student and part time blogger. Back in Year 2007, I didn’t know anything about creating website or developing a blog. My eldest brother, he taught me about developing website and building up a website using Dreamweaver. In Year 2008, I get to know about blogging and I learned it from the net.

MyBlog2Day dot Com is my first blog and also my main income blog, I have a few niche blogs and I’m on the way to develop them. I prefer to make money online with Google Adsense because it’s the most easiest way to make money online but that’s time consuming as well, we have to waste lot of time and effort to build them up and make them an automatically money generator. In order to make money online with Google Adsense, you have to build more various niche blog and make them live, this procedure rotates and money will roll in day by day.

My ultimate advice to all the bloggers, never give up in blogging even though you don’t make a penny. Keep on trial and error, you’ll learn something new and you’ll be the next successful blogger in blogosphere!

YeinJee (The Latecomer)

YeinJee joined as the administrator of the site in August 2011 as Lee got a bit busy with his real life activities. YeinJee is a full time bragger Malaysian webmaster who has a passion for travelling. He has been working online since 2003 and has successfully jumped out of the rat race – by making semi-passive income through his various online ventures. Working is almost just a matter of choice these days, though a bit of extra money won’t hurts.

YeinJee believes in keeping things simple. We need a bit of innovation to make it really big (e.g. multi-millioaire), and to be frank it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s quite possible to make a living online though, simply by following the basics and working really hard on it.

PS: YeinJee is a bit social shy, so don’t expect him to share his handsome photo here ;)

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