How to Avoid Writing Boring Blog Posts

You had paid a considerably sum for a premium blog theme and spent so much time making it look great and was churning out posts almost on a daily basis. Yet, you are wondering why the amount of visitors to your blog is not increasing or worse even your regular readers are fast turning into irregular readers. Well, … [Read more...]

When should you Monetize your Blog?

When you own a blog, there's always a chance to monetize and take full advantage of it, provided that you know what to do and when is the best time to do so. Top bloggers worldwide have told the curious folks and budding bloggers out there about the fact that they've waited at least 2 months to a year to monetize their … [Read more...]

The 2011 Web Browser War

Internet Explorer has been the most popular web browser since the end of 1998 when it took over the market lead from Netscape. Prior to that, Netscape and IE were engaged in a web browser war that lasted for about 3 years before the end came for the Netscape and IE then continued to dominate the market until Firefox … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Make Your Blog Beautiful

Blogs have been such rapidly growing in today’s world that millions of people around the world have set up their own blogs. But do you know how to make your blogs beautiful? Here are some tips to do just this! Know your target readers Before you start giving your blog a face lift, you should have a clea … [Read more...]