Biggest SEO Mistakes by Companies

Many would say that the biggest Search Engine Optimization mistake is not using it but there are big mistakes that big companies make when employing its use. Every year companies spend billions in building up web sites, web site promotions, social media, and advertising. They’re also wasting tons by, proverbially, shooting themselves in the foot with SEO and site building approaches.

One of the aspects of doing business is cost cutting but sometimes cutting your budget for certain necessities can end up resulting in a Phrrhic victory. Seeing SEO as a one-time endeavor is like saying, “I don’t need food. I ate last month.” Any company, no matter the size, should be active online and always perusing advice and tips from professionals that will help them keep doing business. Search rankings are everything these days and if your ranking is suffering so will your results in business.

Many marketing industry leaders, like Neil Patel, have often underscored that one of the harshest realities of business is not using Search Engine Optimization for your venture. The second worst is not doing it properly and knowing the difference. Neil points out that there are two major different kinds of SEO. One is on-page optimization. This is easily done and manipulated. The other, and better approach, is off-site optimization. This is when you create content that is posted on another web site but provides links that direct users back to your page. This is key towards increasing your online profile and search ranking. It is by using these tactics that Patel has become so successful through KISSmetrics as well as his most recent venture that’s designed to help people learn to play poker. Just because you’re using SEO doesn’t mean you’re using it wisely and sometimes know the difference can make all of the difference.

Another one of the biggest mistakes when choosing your URL is when a company doesn’t canonicalize their site. If you’re not sure what this means it goes a little something like this. Let’s say you buy the domain, Canonicalizing is when you buy all of the variation of that name, like:,, and When you spend all of your money on promoting your site with SEO and other marketing approaches, you may not realize that you end up promoting four different sites. If you’re not sure if there are others using similar URL’s, go check. You may be giving someone free publicity while detracting from your own.

Saying you need SEO and good marketing is a bit of an understatement but it is really important. Yet, sometimes, not making common SEO mistakes like these are equally important. Follow some of these tips and get some professional help. You don’t have to spend your whole marketing budget on this but don’t risk losing out on lucrative online business by neglecting your businesses SEO needs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article. The only thing that I don’t understant is what exactly you mean when you say canonicalize can you explain please?

  2. I think you are right and if someone start a online business then separate budget must be their for SEO purpose. Well everyone learn new things from his own or others mistakes and it is great that people or other users keep sharing them with community. So others don’t commit them again…

  3. You hit the nail on the head about SEO being an ongoing process. That is 100% true, and it’s something business owners quickly forget. Gotta keep feeding the Google beast.

  4. Hi Lee,
    Your post here really goes straight to the point! I agree with you that there are sites that do not canonicalize theirs and when I try to find them by using my memory only, I end up on other sites having the same name..but I was sure I remember the site, just not really sure about the dashes or the underscores they used or the variations if there are any. I do little off-site optimization, so I guess I better work more on that. Thanks for providing us this informative post!

  5. I think part of the problem for most companies, they are too big so the control is not as good. Since they are too big alot can slip out and not even be targeted. And yeah often times it will be the SEO, and other stuff that is neglected.


  6. Completely true Lee, big companies often makes some mistakes when it come to keeping optimization. SEO works is not a one time work, its an ongoing process and this also means companies have to be active online all the time. Internet marketing is a really fierce race and every site that joins online business has to face its competitors the internet way.

  7. Good SEO tips here. We must learn from the SEO gurus such as Patel on how to do proper onsite and offsite optimizations! :)

  8. i agree, we should use good domain names for our company.

  9. Lee, I thank you for this great article. Why? Because now I know what I need to do to prevent myself for doing those mistakes. Really, great share, thanks!

  10. The canonical stuff cannot seriously be that much of an issue in 2011. Surely Google has managed to see past this now?!

    • Matt, yeah its not a big issue in 2011, in fact I believe that Matt Cutts has already addressed this on his youtube channel where he answers questions from users. I still personally do it though out of habit.


      • Yea I recall seeing the video now that you mention it. I try to keep up to date with the webmaster help section on YouTube but always get veered off to videos about fat kids and funny pets…