Blogging Unplugged: Some Tips to Maintain Your Blog Away from the Computer

For bloggers, one of the most important things is staying connected to the blogging community, or niche, of which they are an active participant and voice. By staying connected, we bloggers can keep track of what’s going on around us, what’s newsworthy and what’s interesting and full of energy, what we should respond to, and what might help us be better at what we do.

However, it is inevitable that at some point in our lives we will encounter temporary periods of time during which we aren’t connected. Usually this occurs when we travel; we’re not allowed to turn on our phones or access the internet when we fly, and other times during commutes internet connections are significantly limited. Or maybe we lost power due to a storm or some other energy company mishap. For unprepared bloggers, these scenarios can hamper their ability to stay connected and relevant to their respective niches. Don’t let yourself be one of those unprepared bloggers!

Embrace Other Forms of Writing

Some bloggers might not think this, but all of us bloggers are writers in some form or another. This means that we should embrace the traditional utensils of writers: paper and pencil, or pen, or whatever you prefer. By keeping a cursory journal or diary of our thoughts about our blogging community, we can stay up on recent trends without being completely connected. Prewriting in these journals, or meditating on blogging issues, can help us formulate a better post to publish once we get back to the internet.

Be Creative

If you don’t have access to the internet or a computer, and if you don’t want to spend time hand-writing your thoughts, consider turning to other forms of media to get your message out. Get a camera and record a video blog post that you can upload remotely. Use services that transmit photos so that you can remotely post images to your blog. These alternatives won’t replace your pillar content, but they could be a welcome change of pace for your readers until you get back. It’s much better than having your blog go silent for a while. Simply let your readers know beforehand and you should be good to go.

Plan Ahead

Those of you who have scheduled time away from your blog, for whatever reason, should plan ahead. You can use programs that will convert websites into PDFs, which you can read on your smart phone or eReaders. This is useful if you won’t have any access to the internet while you’re gone, but wish to be able to read some of the better posts by your fellow bloggers. This can provide you with useful content to think about so that you can write a response once you return. You can also turn to other bloggers to publish guest posts on your blog while you’re gone. This will help you branch out in the community and make connections, all while maintaining the activity of your blog.

Automatically Publish Scheduled Content

Another good idea is to create a queue of prewritten content that will go live at intervals during your absence. This will require a lot of work before you leave, but it will be worth it because you know you can relax while you’re blog does all the publishing. Just let your readers know you’re gone and that you’ll respond to comments later. If you shift a few posts each day to an automated publishing schedule, it can protect you against unexpected disturbances, such as a power outage or a family emergency, that take you away from your blog.

What are some other ideas that you have to help you keep blogging even if you do not have access to the internet or a computer? How do you blog when you travel? What about if you have an unexpected break from the internet?

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  1. Nice ideas! I usually write articles on paper before posting them on blogs. This way I think I write better content. I think writing on paper makes us think better and articles are more organised.

  2. em, nice article. You know how to explain about blogging. I hope my blog will be sucessful like other blogger did.

  3. using a tablet helps too.

    Glad that your blog is back.

  4. These are really good tips to have “regular” posts on our blog to engage our readers. What I usually do is to have scheduled posts, whenever I go on holiday!

  5. In article writing, innovative things could be more important because its one of the correct path to attract the audience and it will get the high traffic. Thanks a lot for sharing your info on here.

  6. Lauren, while we all nowadays pretty much live by computer and phone connections with our blogs or an internet business in general. Having a backup plan in place is to keep in touch is a great idea. Things can go wrong at the power companies end can blow at random times and what to do when you least expect it, and are not able to access your computer. Not too many people have a spare generator handy.

  7. Thank you Lauren for those reminders. Those are practical things that we sometimes forget or choose to forget. Personally, I am becoming so dependent to my laptop every time I draft my blogs. There’s nothing wrong about that but the problem is I don’t have a contingency plan. Your post prompted me that unexpected event may happen and I should be prepared.

  8. Actually, pre writting content would be initial part to write creative content. so, these type of article will attract customers. Thanks a lot for written a great article on here:)

  9. As I’m just about to head off on holidays, I really appreciate your suggestions for keeping my blog going.
    Re thinking of new topics, I found that if I add a new post title each time an idea comes, and save it, it takes the pressure off writing the post as well. That way, when I have the time to write, the idea is there at the ready.