Boost ranking and Traffic With Contextual Link Building

Links are essential for a website as they drive traffic and help a site get high ranking in search engines. Therefore in order to build links, webmasters adopt a wide range of methods and Contextual Linking is one such which has drawn considerable praise for its effectiveness.

Contextual Linking or Contextual Link Building is a useful technique for traffic generation, where links are placed in the relevant content. It is also referred to as in-content linking and offers an efficient means by which a site can gain quality back links.

How does Contextual linking work?

The process consists of writing user oriented articles, blog posts and other interesting write-ups and getting them published on quality and relevant sites, blogs, directories, etc. In the process, online marketers place link to that page of their site which has matching content. The link comprises of carefully selected keyword/keyword phrase and that also attracts the readers to click on it.

Contextual Link

A contextual link is one which contains targeted keyword and what makes it contextual is its relevancy with the page it is directed to. While creating contextual links, following two principles should always be kept in mind:

  • Appropriate Anchor Text – An anchor text containing the keyword helps search engines as well as the users. While the former can check for relevancy through the anchor text, the latter can gain knowledge about the page they are going to visit.
  • Relevancy – It is necessary that the two pages linked together are relevant to each other. They must have the same context.

Contextual Link Building and Ranking

As search engines give high weightage to quality backlinks and their relevancy to a particular site and contextual linking is the means of obtaining backlinks from article sites, blogs and other sites with relevant content, it helps in achieving top ranking.

How to make use of Contextual Linking

It is a simple process requiring little effort. Here a few effective methods of Contextual Linking:

1. Articles’ submission

Write informative articles with a contextual link at the end of it or at some other suitable place in the article and submit it on multiple relevant online platforms (blogs, social sites, directories, etc). This will drive traffic and increase the number of backlinks to a site.

2. Guest Posts

As websites readily accept content which offers quality, novelty and information, it is a good idea to take up guest blogging. By offering well written guests posts, one can make effective use of contextual link building.

3. Press Release Submission

This is another natural way of building links. Write a Press release about the launch of new product/service or about any important thing that needs to be conveyed to the users and them submit the same to Press Release sites.

4. Blog Posting

Posting articles on niche, relevant and popular blogs helps driving traffic thereby enhancing the link profile of a site.

Benefits of Contextual Linking

  • As mentioned earlier also, it leads to traffic generation
  • By creating quality backlinks, contextual linking helps in improves the search engine rank
  • It saves both time and money
  • As Contextual Link Building needs to be relevant, it targets the specific customers and thus helps in creating the desired exposure.

Contextual Link Building

This was a brief guide on Contextual Linking to help the readers understand and utilize this effective means to bulid quality links and drive targeted traffic.

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  1. Yeah, contextual link building is one of the great directions to get high traffic to their web sites. Thank you so much for sharing on here :)

  2. I agree with you too, contextual link building is the basics of all what we do online. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  3. yap. All blogger must do and know about this method. If not, you just losing one proven method that will help you get traffic and make money in same time.

  4. You can make use of Contextual Linking by commenting on other blogs, which installed KeywordLuv – like myblog2day, which targeted relevant keyword to your blog.

  5. Hello there, Yes I find great benefits from Contextual links as well. I think search engines more and more emphasis from where exactly the links are coming ie what content is around links. If its just a spammy web profile or if backlinks are coming from some useful text, and it all makes sense :), Anyways great stuff you have going here…

  6. The great thing about contextual link building is that it is often viral. Once you publish an article or press release, it is common for it to continue to spread afterwards. As that article gets published more, it results in more and more backlinks, as well as more exposure.

  7. I agree with Jeremy that you cannot help but be viral with link building. When it comes to rankings that is not bad thing, as long as your not stepping on any toes while you do it.

  8. Thanks for this posts, i have never consider some of this points.

  9. Content is king. It is always very important to create relevant and interesting materials for others to absorb. Not easy to do, which makes it even more valuable.

  10. Contextual links is very good for link building, especially in guest posting.