Boost Ranking In Latest Google Algorithm With Forum Link Building Strategies

Recently Google has carried a new Algorithm Update. Now the algorithm underlines not a quantity of external links, but their importance for the public. So the greatest preference is given now to social networks and similar dialogue systems, like forums, because the human factor there is developed much better. And there are much more probability that the reference was posted by a real person who has found a site interesting and useful.

Outsource Your Backlinks Building to Forum Link Building

It’s take a lot of time to register on different forums and leave comments with link to your site. Everybody knows time is money, so I outsource most of my link building tasks. Recently I searched about forum link building service on the internet and I found ForumLinkBuilding. It’s a site that provides link building services and it guarantees to increase your website’s ranking in search engines. And as result your traffic and sales may increase even for 298%!

ForumLinkBuilding offers 3 different link building packages:

  1. Silver Packages
  2. Gold Packages
  3. Exclusive Package

Forum Link Building Packages

All 3 packages come with different price tag and different link building features. It depends on how fast and how efficient you want them to build backlinks and improve your site rankings on Google.

The price for each package is reasonable, $399.90 for silver package, $998 for gold package, and $3899 for exclusive package. On average it’s only $0.30/link. It’s not expensive if you think about the time that you’ll be spending on building these backlinks manually, remember time is money. If it’s out of your budget, then you should change your link building model and do everything yourself manually such as blog commenting, guest posting, article marketing, etc.

Guarantee Backlinks and Ranking

What attracts me in ForumLinkBuilding is the guarantee they provide. Their service can be named “Risk-Free Service” because they will provide you with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. All your backlinks will be built with respect to all Google Guidelines as well as forum rules. If any link is built avoiding any of those rules, it will be replaced absolutely free.

So you can be sure in quality of their link building services.

Forum Link Building Guarantee

Wrap Up

Backlinks from high quality forums are very effective in increasing your website’s ranking in search engines. It will take many months, if not years, to establish enough backlinks to make a ranking difference. What I like with this link building service is that all you need to do is to tell them what pages you want to index and the keywords you are trying to rank for, and they’ll do the rest. You just receive report from them from time to time and enjoy your traffic and sales increase.

Have you ever tried ForumLinkBuilding service? What do you think about this link building service?

Image Credit : Novartis AG

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. Yes I always believe that your link building strategy should be in such manner that you will be able to get the backlinks from every kind of format.

    It can be Blogs or article directories or forum or social bookmarking or guest post … anything but should and must have different combinations.

    • I agree with you ZK, we should get links from various sources… blogs, websites, social networking sites and forums. I am sure your website has tens of thousands of quality backlinks too!

      • Yes diversification will build much more stable rankings. Then when Google’s ranking algorithm changes again, you will likely still have links to satisfy the search engine spiders. Forum link building has been a frequently used strategy for a long time now. It’s only drawback is that it takes a lot of forum links to make a difference. Each forum post is typically low PR and gets buried deep in the forum quite quickly.

    • @ZK,

      We should actually build backlinks from several sources, as you mentioned blog directories, article directories, forum, social bookmarking and etc, that would definitely help to increase ranking in a manner way.

  2. I notice a couple of shift for couple of my websites and some shift really surprised me a lot. Personally, I do not use any link building services, I did all on my own. Still, I managed to get on first page of every terms I compete..

    • @Norhafidz,
      Congrats! If you optimize for keyword which has competition, then probably you can easily rank well for the keyword after doing some link building. Sometimes you need to outsource your link building task if you want them to complete and rank fast.

  3. Actually, it has an full guarantee with the great support in it :) thanks a lot Lee for sharing valuable info on here :) It’s really worthy :)

  4. This is a good recommendation for me. In fact, I am looking for forum link building service too. Thanks for your recommendation Lee! :)

  5. This link building services look pretty good, especially when the CEO personally guarantees we will increase our ranking.

    So Lee, have you signed up with them? Which package did you take on?

  6. I always love to get someone to do my linkbuilding for me. Takes the pressure off your marketing and allows you to focus on writing. Might have to give this a look!

    • @John Burnside,
      Yes sometimes outsourcing some internet marketing task is good such as link building, article writing and etc, that would save you more time and you can spend time doing other more important tasks.

    • I definitely agree. If you really want your business to grow, outsourcing is often key, especially for online business. It makes a lot of sense to pay someone to help you out with certain tasks. Not only does it free up your time, but it also allows you to focus on your strengths.

  7. If they have a guarantee I’m all for it. Especially the higher PR sites.

  8. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Lee,
    I think the best is to build your own links manually and not use any link building companies. Google will soon find these companies and blacklist their links system.

    • No offense, but I completely disagree. Why would your own link building be any better than link building services from a company? Obviously the company would have experience with building links effectively. It is extremely difficult for search engines to block specific link building strategies anyway.

  9. Hi Lee,
    For those who could afford these forum link building services, then I think they should try it. However, if it is too much for a starting site, then I guess they should at first stick to the usual back linking methods.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Getting backlinks from forums it’s one of the best SEO tactics there is, but it takes a lot of time to get manually those links. So even thought it’s a little expensive for people who have just started blogging, this service can do miracles and build 100s backlinks. I certainly recommend it.