Website Building Made Simple with Basekit

Are you interested in building your own website? Are you frustrated because you don’t know all of the various languages that it takes to build a site?

Well, you don’t have to worry any longer. There is a new company in town that will come to your rescue. The name of the company is BaseKit and its mission can be defined in three words – Easy, Reliable and Fast. If you could build a website using these three words, I am sure that it would be something that you would be interested in. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

What Is Basekit?

Basekit has created a tool that works in a browser and allows you the user to create websites by beginning with the selection of a template. These templates aren’t just thrown together. Professionally designed, you can select templates from several categories. Some of these categories include church websites, band websites, event websites, sports websites and theater websites to name just a few.

Once you select your template, you can select various colors and styles. From there, you can select your theme. The themes are actually sites that have already been built and allow you to add the content. With your content and the structure from Basekit, you can quickly build that website.

What is nice is that Basekit also allows for the person that wants to design their own layout. You can build your own template and then finish the task by adding all of your own content. Basekit offers a variety of widgets, but at the same time allows you the flexibility of working with the code if want to or if your inclinations donít follow that path, then just drop in your content.

Providing Hosting Services

Of course, you can’t just build the website. In order for other people to see it, you always have to have some sort of host. Basekit also provides your hosting services through the use of the Amazon cloud. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can also get your domain name through Basekit. If you take a look at what is offered, you can get the complete package all under one roof. That’s right, the complete package.

Once you build the site and publish, you are not done. Baskeit also allows you to maintain your site. If you want to change something on the site, you can quickly and easily do this and what is even nicer is that you can do all of this from a web browser.

Traffic Tracking Tools

Do you want to add some extra features to your website such as Google Analytics or search engine optimization and keyword optimization? With a couple of button clicks, you can make this happen on your site, all accomplished through the web browser.

If you need help, that is available. This support includes help with form creation, email delivery, as well as shopping carts features. With the standards that are built into these systems, you can see these websites on the iPad, as well as various smart phones.

Try Basekit Free for 14 Days!

If you would like to try Basekit, they offer a 14-day trial. This trial allows you to try it without inputting any credit card information. They offer three different packages which include a basic package, a business package and an enterprise package. You can easily see which package will fit your needs.

Again in summary, if you are interested in building a website, you want to try a new company called Basekit. This company offers some exciting features and uses some of the newest hosting technologies services. So why not give them a try as you can also check out the 14 day trial.

About YeinJee

YeinJee is the webmaster of Myblog2day. He is a full time blogger/webmaster since 2005 and currently runs dozens of websites in variety of topics, e.g. about make money online, travel, food, lifestyle, entertainment and pop culture etc.


  1. that is really cool. I had not heard of this before. Sounds like a great thing for beginners.

  2. In my opinion wordpress it’s the best content management and site builder tool, there is no reason to pay to build a site, it’s actually very easy

    Regards Kostas

    • WordPress is a great blogging script. I know it can be used as a CMS for other (non-blogging) purpose, but WP can be a bit redundant for those who want to build a simple website without the multiple features.

      Besides, set aside those who are making money online, people in general are not too interested to learn about the technical stuff (even if it’s easy)… and there’ll always be people who are willing to spend a bit for variety of services as long as it makes their life better/easier.

      • I agree with you. For most of us, WordPress is very easy to use and it gets the job done, and the best thing is, it’s completely free!

        But for some, they are more than happy to pay to use a simple yet easy to use CMS system, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles. Basekit looks pretty good indeed!

  3. This sounds very interesting.
    As I read through each and every line, I realize just how easy web creation, hosting, development has become. It made me remember back in those years where I would actually need to learn each and every of these ‘feature’ through the hard way.

    Although I’ll say it makes it easier and possible for newbies to start up a website, but getting your hands ‘dirty’ and learning it the hard way will provide you with a ‘lifetime skill’ – designing, technically and coding, that can be very , very useful in future ( if you ever wish to tweak and style your website in any way you want – and I mean in any way )

    Nevertheless, it ‘s a good start and such interface will provide greater opportunity for anyone desiring to have a truly ‘unique’ site.

  4. Looks fairly simple to use, and checking out the prices its no so bad, I am positive those who dont have web experience will find that to be extremely useful to them!


  5. This is Real GOOD NEWS for those who are totally new to this and wanted to start their own site.

    As I have also heard it for the first time and definately going to check it and try it also.

    Thanks a lot for this important information

  6. That would be the perfect tool for my friend who’s thinking of building his own photography website. This will be very useful for him.

  7. Seems like a great service…

  8. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    WordPress and free website is free website alternative, but Basekit seems to be a good reliable alternative for a cheap penny.

  9. It looks like Basekit is a really smart package which every blogger should try. Building a website is not at all easy and anything which can makes things work more efficiently is a must to try. The 14 days trial also sounds risk free so its worth a try. I’m really glad that I got curious about basekit.

  10. Hey YeinJee, I would definitely try this at least. Its good to have all at one place.