How to Blog as an Authority and Increase Your Sales

Blog marketing is a revolutionary new way of promoting sales of your products and services on the Web. The premise of blog marketing is that if you offer your customers something of value for free, they will come back again and again until they are loyal followers, purchasers, and promoters of your brand. The draw … [Read more...]

Surf Locally With GeoSurf Toolbar

You might have noticed that many of the browsers, either additional toolbars or add-ons, that there are nothing more than toolbars that offer easy ways to get to other sites. Having recently been introduced to one of these toolbars, I thought that I would share what I had learned about this toolbar in case it might be … [Read more...]

3 Free Fast Traffic Methods That Work (And 3 That Do Not)

In this post I'd like to share with you 3 totally free traffic methods that work very effectively to drive fast traffic to your blog or website. In the hope that you can learn from my mistakes, I shall also mention 3 strategies that don't work and strongly advise you to steer clear of them! Ok, let's get … [Read more...]

Why you are a bad internet marketer if you don’t know what’s planking

First thing first, this post is certainly not in favor of planking, in fact, the post is not about planking by any means. And sorry to break it to you but "Planking" is not some new link building tactic either, it is actually the age old internet meme previously known as the "lying down game", which has been the talk … [Read more...]

The “Secret” To Marketing Your Small Business Online – Successfully!

There is a secret to marketing online success that many business owners don't know. It's not really a secret, actually, but a very simple truth: “Identify your marketing goals, then make all decisions based on these goals.” It's very simple, but very important. Allow me to break it down for you... Identify Yo … [Read more...]