5 HQ Link Building Techniques for Bloggers

We all know how SEO helps improve our visibility and generate traffic to our websites. Quality content keeps our readers hooked but without a solid SEO strategy it might take years before anybody even notices our writing. Content might be king but SEO tells people how to get there.

Link building is an integral part of SEO. Without a solid link building strategy achieving the top position in search results is definitely harder if not impossible. So how do you build links to your website? There are two schools of thought here. Some contend that building hundreds of links through link farms and article submissions is the way to go. And the other which focuses on quality link building.

Writing Guest Posts

Simply one of the best ways of getting quality back links, guest posting has been considered an essential linking technique for many SEO experts. Similar to article submissions, guest posting is one of the most difficult link building strategies to execute.

The benefits of guest posting goes beyond the realm of SEO. Other advantages include the opportunity to interact with fellow bloggers and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Below are simple steps to get you started at guest posting.

  • Find blog sites similar to your niche
  • Choose high quality blogs or those with high PR
  • Submit your best blog posts
  • Engage in the community
  • Create an author bio that contains your target keyword with your link

Social Bookmarking

Building quality links to your blog could easily be done by submitting these to social bookmarking sites. Popular sites include StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg. These sites are regularly crawled by Google’s search engines making it a good place to build links.

These websites have high PR and are often visited by search engine spiders. This makes links created on these sites highly valuable.

Blogging Directories

Blogging directories and communities are the social networking sites for bloggers. Some of the top blog sites are located in these directories and share their latest post with fellow bloggers and readers. These sites are great for getting targeted traffic to your blog and could supply you with much needed juice.

Posting on Top Forums

A link building technique that people often forget is targeting forums. High traffic forums provide us with an easy method of getting links. Why bother spending hours creating a single article for an article submission site when you could get a link by posting a few words or starting a discussion.

However, some forums require a certain number of postings before you could get a link on your signature or forum post. Some good sites include Yahoo Answers or Google Forums.

Blog Commenting

Similar to forum posting, blog commenting gives you the opportunity to get high quality links by providing meaningful content and insight to blog posts. The quality of the links you get from these is directly associated with the blogs PR. Try to focus your efforts in targeting high quality sites to improve.

Quality and Quantity

There are two schools of thought when it comes to link building. Some contend that quantity has its own quality and submitting to link farms and article submission sites is the quickest way to build up your links. But after Google’s latest updates, the quality of links thru these methods have been severely downgraded. Quality has a price and the cost of getting quality links is the time spent on each of these.

About Michael Scottsdale

This is a guest post by Michael Scottsdale, a tech enthusiast who loves to write about the latest SEO and mobile gadget news. Some of his latest articles include how to Unlock iPhone 4S.


  1. Guest blogging is a proven working method, I have no issue with that. I do have doubts over the SEO benefits of other methods though – lots of social bookmarking sites use redirects while many forums and blogs use nofollow attribute on the comments and signatures etc. We have to be a bit picky (comment on dofollow blogs for example) if we are doing these for SEO.

  2. I also really think that SEO is easy if you know what to do. Doing blog commenting and article marketing I find to be the best way for great and qualify backlinks :)

  3. All of these are great suggestions. I think variety and consistency is what really makes the difference between a successful linking campaign and an unsuccessful one. I haven’t tried much guest blogging yet, but I do plan on trying it at some point. Thanks for this post.

  4. You forgot to tell that blog commenting, social bookmarking, forum postings should be done to do follow sites. No follow sites suck unless it is an authority site.

  5. Article writing and blog commenting are good ways to build links. But the most important thing for getting traffic is to make sure that you are giving high quality content out. Make sure your articles, guest posts, and blog comments are good quality and you will attract more traffic.

  6. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Michael,
    Some more small advices, A niche blog that you update every day with a good article thatís built in SEO, responding to comments in a friendly and courteous manner attracts and keep the readers. Also promote your blog comments in other blogs who has CommentLuv.

  7. Amazing tips Michael, thanks for sharing. Ofcourse I already knew some of them since I’ma copywriter my self :)

  8. Guest posting is one of the easiest yet the best way to build links. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Michael, what an insightful article. I like your link building techniques, and I am all for quality links rather than quantity! Good stuff.

    • I’m also with you on that statement Jasmine. If our aim is to only achieve a specific number then that will definitely defeat the purpose of having sustainable followers. People love to read real thoughts rather than redundant information. Good point.

    • I agree with you jasmine, I am also for quality links… It’s not quantity that counts it’s the quality of each link you have.

  10. using social bookmarking is very efective for SEO…. plus submit your sitemap