Getting Backlinks Made Easy With This Formula

Most internet marketers struggle with getting backlinks in the right quality and quantity. Getting backlinks is no longer an issue after reading this post, because you will know how to do it. This review will give you three very legitimate and powerful strategies on how to build backlinks slowly but steadily. Let´s get right into the game.

1) Blog commenting
This is by far one of the most popular strategies nowadays. If you are familiar with blog commenting you know that it is no problem to get backlinks from several sources and in the right quantity. Other than this, it’s better to leave comment on a similar niche blog, if you have a blog that talks about brochures, then probably you want to leave comment on brochures related niche blog.

Simply go do and search for the following parameters: your keyword , your keyword, your keyword , “powered by wordpress” your keyword. This is how you find targeted content on which you can leave a blog comment with your backlink. By using for example, Google will filter all sites. By using “your keyword”, Google will only show pages which have relevant content for your keyword. You can leave a few blog comments each day and increase the number steadily. You can also search for broader keywords.

2) Article directories
This one is very hot and super effective as well. There are many different ways to get backlinks accomplished. The first option is to write a 400+ word article and submit it to ezine, squidoo or hubpages. You don’t want to submit the same article to numerous sites. Each article has to be unique and at least 400 word + long to match the guidelines of the article site. You can write one unique article and submit it to 10 + article directories. Some of them are,,, etc.

Now comes the important part, you want to do this a few times each week. It´s not so important to do a lot at a time, but to do it continually. Your articles don´t have to be perfect because we are not doing article marketing here. We are after backlinks and we are after quality backlinks.

3) Guest blogging
This is the masterpiece of all strategies that are available at the moment. One guest post from a PR 5 site can be worth more than hundreds, even thousands of blog comments or backlinks from article directories. This is a strategy that requires some effort at the beginning, because you want to find other websites which allow you to write articles on an occasional basis for them.

First of all, the site has to be relevant to your niche and need to have PR (1 – 10). The higher the page ranking , the better and the more backlinks you get from different sites the more importance you build. How can you find these targeted sites? Go to and use the following search parameter: “write for us” your keyword. That´s all that is required to find such sites. By using the parameter “write for us”, Google will filter all sites that have a category or page set up with the name “write for us” which means that these sites generally allow up to 90% or more of their content to be done by guest blogging! If you are into internet marketing, search for online marketing, internet marketing, etc. by using your keyword. Then contact the admin and ask if you can write a guest post for them.

You can outsource the content creation by using professional article writing services. You can do the writing by yourself or accept the help of a writing service.

Take these tips and focus on getting backlinks constantly!

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  1. Article marketing done right can mean great backlinks but also top ranking. Use some of those web 2.0 sites also.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. That was a easy way to Build Backlinks. However Directory Submissions can also get you huge PR Backlinks.

  3. Lee this is a great article on getting backlinks. It does take a little bit of effort to create good quality backlinks, it is one the hardest things to do in SEO. After a little bit of time that effort should pay off in terms of driving traffic to your site.

  4. Lee this is a great article on getting backlinks. It does take a little bit of effort to create good quality backlinks, it is one the hardest things to do in SEO. After a little bit of time that effort should pay off in terms of driving traffic to your site.

  5. Lee, great summary of tips on back links. I think article directories takes too much time and resources, but it is a good way also. I usually just outsource the articles to be written. Mainly, comments like you say here are the best. Also, submitting your sites to free web directories could help. Pretty much, mixing high quality links and low quality links to your back linking portfolio.

  6. yap, i always use that method, especially for blog commenting. It works a lots.

  7. I would have to disagree with one point…that submitted articles need to be unique. Personally I often submit the exact same article to hundreds of websites. There are very few article directories that only accept unique articles. Most have no problem syndicating articles that have already been published online.

  8. @Jeremy, although most of the article directories accept the article without considering the uniqueness, Google robot does. Google robot will rate those links in duplicated content as low quality links and it will not help much in SEO indeed.

  9. The idea behind including backlinks as part of the page rank algorithm is that if a page is good, people will start linking to it. And the more backlinks a page has, the better. But in practice it is not exactly like this. Or at least you cannot always rely on the fact that your contents is good and people will link to you.

  10. All these strategies work and if someone use them properly, he will boost his ranking to search engines. About the third tactic (Guest Blogging), this is the best way to get traffic, backlinks and authority as an expert to what you are writing about.