Google Panda Update Ė Will it affect Article Marketing and Guest Blogging in any way?

Google continuously makes changes to its algorithm, as a result different websites keep losing or gaining some ranks in the SERP, however most of the times these changes are not noticed (except of course by the website owners), and the changes go not affecting the overall SEO community in any way. On the other hand, there are some changes, which are huge enough to unsettle all and sundry. Even those who are not directly affected by the update are forced to mull over these changes.

The PANDA update is one such change, making more ripples on the SEO surface than any other update in recent past. The last time we see a similar hoopla was when Google came down hard on the paid directories. And even though paid directories were the only sufferers (wasnít really an update in algorithm), but the “hit” clearly make some changes in the priorities of SEO guys. I can see the same thing happening with the recent PANDA update (AKA Google farm update). Back then, it was web directories that suffered, and now there are article directories (and their modified versions known as content farms). In spite of the fact, that it affected content farms in general, the update has managed to induce some questions in the SEO’s mind, and this fear is likely to change the way people carry out Search Engine Optimization.

Article Marketing via Article Directories

Already, we can see making drastic changes to their editing and publishing rules. From increasing the word limit to raising the quality standards. In fact, they were even thinking of changing the do-follow attribute to no-following in author’s bio; much to the dismay of their authors (thankfully they have retreated for the time being). All things considered, article marketing has certainly lost some of its worth. Whilst some low quality directories will continue to do what they were doing, the more serious ones will certainly become stricter about their content quality, even if it means publishing fewer articles.

The websites will be more cautious about the duplicate or spun content, especially in the niches where supply has already exceeded the demand. As far as back links are concerned, there is no clear indication that Google has also devalued the links coming from these websites, but still we can expect some changes in the linking policies of these websites, for example, is already encouraging the authors to keep their bio in line with the content of the article.

There’s no reason for the SEO professionals to get demoralized though, in fact, this change should be welcomed by those who are more into quality work. The only type of marketers who will be hurt are those who were relying heavily on article marketing via directories (finding a niche, then writing and doling out 100’s of low quality articles to rank for the keywords targeting that niche). On a side note, this update will also take a toll on freelance writers churning out third rate articles for $4 – $5, those articles were nothing but a substandard amalgamation of information easily available on the internet at 1000 different places. Good riddance, Iíd say.

Guest blogging

Panda update hasn’t only scared the article directories or content farm owners, as we can see a little reluctant on part of Bloggers who accept guest posts, especially when it comes to keyword rich anchor text in byline or within the body of articles. Thereís no reason for these blogs to panic though, the Panda update was meant for websites that were churning out useless content and adding to the overall spam with an insane speed, itís true that some quality websites have to put up with the update targeting content farms, but that was probably more of a bad luck. Guest blogging is much more than a tactic to get some back-link and host bloggers are extremely nit-picking when approving a post to go live on their website (unless the Blog is running on some revenue sharing model), even then the editors at these Blogs are seemingly doing a much better job than the editors at article directories (you can’t blame them though, because they have to deal with much bigger numbers of submissions).


Saying that PANDA update hasnít changed anything is wide off the mark; on the other hand, saying it has totally eradicated the methods like article marketing will also be an overstatement. If anything, you need to focus more on quality than quantity when writing either articles or guest posts.

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  1. Agree with you that the guest posting will not be harm by this Panda update as long as the quality is good enough.

  2. Mesty this Madness has started and no one really knows the effect..I’m not worry at all..I say keep doing what your doing and goo things will come

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  3. I have seen the effects of latest google algorithm updates on many blogs but I’m happy because it makes new bloggers, who work hard and try to produce high quality content, able to compete in highly competitive niches with webmasters who have lots of money to put for SEO. It should not effect guest posting on high quality blogs because webmasters approve a guest post only after judging its quality.

  4. google panda? emm, this is first time i heard about that panda..

  5. You just need to be more smart about article marketing and submit relatively good articles to directories. They will still help in ranking although the authority might be reduced a bit, I don’t see any effect to guest blogging

  6. At the end of the day, what we need to do is write and publish quality articles. :)

  7. Yeah of course, guest blogging is one of the best way to get the back-links and to get the high traffic with the best support. Thanks a lot for sharing your info on here.

  8. Obviously, it has affected many article directories… and obviously spammers will step out of this territory, which means it will be cleaner again, and I do believe that smart marketers will take advantage of this, well, as for me, I’m planning to launch an article marketing dummy campaign (maybe next month) – campaign consisted of original and of high quality content, and see how it can affect a site’s rankings as the links as well as the page age :)

    Guest blogging is the real deal for this year when it comes to link building and brand development, no doubt about that one.

  9. Mesty,I have been reading about this new update, and was truly confused. I’m not a techi at all so the language didn’t help me out at all. Since this article has come out a couple of weeks ago, I’ve read several different opinions and explanations on what it would mean to all of us. I’m here to tell you that this post that you have written explains the situation in a much easier fashion. One that I can understand better and one that isn’t as scary as I thought it was for our blogs! So thank you for a well written and comprehensive post. jj

  10. I have used guest blogging a lot, I don’t have money enough to buy links and I am focused on writing unique and quality content.
    None of my sites lost ranking in the serp so I guess that as long as the websites that host my article are related and pretty good it shouldn’t be a problem.
    Thanks for sharing!