Guest Blogging 4 Dummies

Maybe you’ve heard about this whole guest blogging thing that people are doing or maybe you’ve been doing it for years. Regardless of who you are, a few of these tips may help you get started or be great reminders of some of the basic essentials that help you get articles posted versus denied and why you do it.

Why You Guest Blog

I think it makes sense to start with why people guest blog. Guest blogging is a fantastic way to promote your blog and get back links to your website/blog. A back link is an active “dofollow” hyperlink typically in the “Author Bio” section at the end of an article. Search Engines see these links to your website and it can help boost your search engine rankings slowly but surely. If you really serve a specialized niche, you can guest blog to become a known source of authority and expertise on a certain topic. This is why if you find a blog directly related to what you do or sell it helps to become a regular contributor.

Break Up Your Article

Blog articles are easy to scan. It helps to break up your articles into multiple paragraphs with there own titles so that a reader could easily breeze through and understand the basics of what you’re trying to talk about. From there, they can read what is important to them. It is more pleasing to the eye and as a reader.

Edit / Spell Check / Read Your Article

Just like everyone else in the world, blogger are busy people and more often than not do many things other than blog. So, if you want them to publish your article instead of someone else’s you should take a few minutes after you’ve written your blog post to make sure it reads well and is free of grammatical errors.

Have The Blogmaster in Mind

Before you write the article you have in mind, take into consideration what the owner of the blog would love to see. Take a little bit of time to scan their website and see what type of articles are on the site or recently posted. Then you’ll be sure to write an article that will provide the most benefit to their blog and not be a repeat of something they just posted.

Read The Guidelines

Most blogs have a “write for us” page or something along those lines where they talk about the standard guidelines for posting on their page. Some of the common topics are about length, links and content. Be sure to follow these guidelines if you want your post to get accepted.

Double Check Your Links

One of the main reasons you’re blogging is for the links back to your website so make sure they are correct! It would be frustrating to put in the effort and not get what you’re looking for in return. And often times if you notice the mistake you can ask the blogmaster to make a change, but as I said before, their time is precious just like yours.

About Cooper Elling

Cooper Elling is passionate about business, fitness & blogging. When hes not working out he writes about Velashape Cellulite Treatment, cooking, and a myriad of other topics. Hes also interested in Sono Bello on Twitter.


  1. Great tips for new bloggers wanting to write for other blogs, aka guest blogging. Thank you for your sharing, Cooper!

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information Copper. Your right about double checking your work before submitting it. If we don’t want to commit a mistake. Its always frustrating to keep on going again and again, because you fail to check your work.

    • You can say that again! When I’m guest posting for a reputable blog, I get really nervous and turn into an absolute revision nazi. Do you know when you have those nightmares where you go to work with no pants?

      Well, I have nightmares where I get a piece of content published in some elite blog, only to realize it’s littered with errors! I kid you not.

      Word to the wise: never revise your content immediately after you finish writing it. If you step away from it for a few hours or days, it will be much easier polishing those rough edges, when you come back.

  3. This guest blogging article will be more helpful to all bloggers. And, this is one of the great way to promote your blog and can get more back links for your blog post :) Thanks a lot :)

  4. Hi Cooper! Guest blogging is a great way to introduce ourselves to the blogging world. If we manage to submit our article to some popular blogs, I am sure that we will be noticed by the bloggers. This is my main reason to submit the guest post.

  5. Well.. Guest blogging is very useful actually. And there you are, giving us a great article explaining why it’s very useful. Thanks a lot to you.

  6. The most useful benefit of guest blogging is getting the loyal visitors if your blog post is interesting enough to drive the attention of reader to your self. Guest Blogging also helps you to make new connections in your niche when you write a blog post for someone’s else blog and his readers enjoys it then their is a very good chance that he will do a favor for you.

  7. The most common mistake that users make is not breaking the text up, there is nothing worse than reading an article with +500 words and no breaks in it.

    But how do you get ppl to wanna guest blog on your blog.?
    My seo/themes blog is a PR 4 blog with between 40 and 80 hits a day, and is open for guest bloggin. But not even one has applied for it.!??

    • Because it’s non English? I’m not sure if your particular language community would be as interested in this matter.

      • Thats just it, the page is in English.
        Because I also use it as a platform for my themes and a little support, so the users comes all corners of the world.

        • The first thing I would do is changing the text “guest blogger” to something clearer. This site for example uses “submit guest post”, another common one is “write for us” – both send direct messages.

          Also, to be frank, 40-80 hits is not really a lot. For a “make money” themed blog you probably need 200-300 daily pageviews to attract guest bloggers (and direct advertisers etc.)

  8. Guest blogging are in the most cases interesting visitors. anyways; thanks for this post/tips. Thank you for your sharing, Cooper!

  9. Hi Cooper,
    The backlinks you get from guest blogging are indeed the main reason for doing it in the first place. It not just enhances you experience and reputation, but you also get SEO benefits which can increase your traffic.

  10. Great Article Thanks For Sharing Now I Am Thinking To Write Guest Posts :)