How a Smart Phone Can Optimize Blogging

Blogging is a full-time job. While you don’t have to be prepared to sit down from 9 to 5 everyday to have a successful blog, you do need to be constantly looking for new ideas and keeping on top of the latest trends and news. It’s the constant research, not the writing, the makes blogging a full-time job.

But who has time to sit down in front of the computer for hours or want to tote around a laptop all over town? No one. No one has the time or patience for doing these things. There are places to go, appointments to keep, and people to see. That’s why owning a smart phone, like a 4G Android Phone, is a must for every blogger.

As a blogger you need to be able to blog and create ideas on the go, and with a smart phone, you have a few great apps that can help you maintain a great blog at all times.


Evernote is one of the oldest and most trusted apps. It is a great resource for any professional, but is also wonderful for bloggers in search of inspiration. Through Evernote, you can keep a list of blog post ideas as they come to you, save links to articles that you have gained inspiration from, and even catalog photos for future use. Then when you are ready to write, you’ve got a plethora of inspiration right at your fingertips.

Blogger or WordPress

Need to write a blog post, but no where near a computer? No worries. If you run your blog through Blogger or WordPress, you can download the mobile app and create a blog post no matter where you are. Trying to type a blog post with your phone can be a little annoying though so consider purchasing a fold up keyboard for your phone to make the process a little easier.


Want to know what the latest meme is or are looking for the latest trends? Consider downloading the Reddit app. Through Reddit you can find out what is hot, and then relate it into your future posts. Not only will it give you great content, but it will also enhance the likelihood of your post being read.

Wrap Up

Blogging is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun. To make blogging on a daily basis easier, try to keep all the resources to make your life easier around you at all times. Smart phones aren’t just for making calls and checking Facebook. They can organize your life and make blogging easier too.

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. Writing articles via Smartphone`s doesn`t seems to be a practical thing, that`s because adding images to blog posts, and use of other plugins might not supported by your Smartphone. However staying updated with the comments and other blogging related chores(small one`s) can be carried out using a portable device.

    • Hi Amit,
      I agree with you, writing posts with the use of a smartphone can be quite a daunting task, but keeping your blog site with it by replying to comments or promoting your site to social media sites can be easily doable with a smartphone. It’s also a great way to kill time while you are traveling by plane, train or bus for a few hours and have nothing else to do.

  2. Yes that true that we cannot do all such thing through smart phones but atleast we can able to maintain our link of blogging.

    As onced 3g works for me as HELPER at that place where there is no even single cyber cafe.

    Thanks a lot to TECHNOLOGY…I like it as it sometimes comes to great HELP.

  3. Blogging it’s a full time job and many would say a full day job, but as you said it’s almost impossible to sit in front of your PC all the day, Smart Phones can really save a blogger and they are certainly a must!

  4. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Lee,
    Article ideas usually come when I’m out on the town or with customers, and with today’s technology can I in moments write down some words or take a good photo with my mobile so I can write the article at home in peace. 4G Android is perhaps a must for me.

  5. Sometime i posted an article through my Samsung Smartphone.

  6. Can’t agree with you more. I did had several ideas to blog about while I’m on the buss or in a train, however i never really had my laptop on those moments where ideas just pop in my head, and sad to say i don’t have a smart phone, i just have a blackberry which the quertykey is really a hustle for me to type in. So i guess I really need to get a smart phone a.s.a.p, I hope my next paycheck could cover it besides the bills i need to pay for rent and everything. Oh by the way and recommendation for a smart phone? Since you’ve been doing blogging on your phone i guess.

  7. Surely it is harder to ues a smartphone to do articles, not much screen space etc.hmm idont think i would beable to do it this way

  8. I’m using my mobile for my blogging works. Oh I use 4G mobile and I use blogger app for my works. It’s really easy for me. Because I use blogger app daily. It’s really useful for bloggers like me.

  9. Indeed, you can do a lot of things with a smart phone, and blogging is one of them. I like Evernote and the WordPress app, they make my blogging so much easier!

  10. hah, I’m constantly updating my wordpress blogs on the go with my iPhone… love it.. although I probably look like a stereotypical smartphone addict, never putting the darn thing down lol