How to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

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Making money online is now the buzz everywhere, everybody wants to make money online, I mean, we all want to have a share of our online income.

I will say it is super easy to make money online, only if you have the correct formula. I will first like you to please put in mind that there is nothing like overnight success, making money online really takes time and effort.

One of the best ways to make money online is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby you will be promoting other people’s product and then get a commission on any sales made, depending on the merchant, you can get anything from 40% to 70% of the sales made.

4 Tips How to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

Below are some great tips on making great income online through affiliate marketing.

1. Have a Website
This is common sense but many people don’t have a website when trying to make money from affiliate marketing, many of them use article marketing to link directly to their affiliate links.

It is absolutely possible to make money online without having a website but it is very important to have a website.

You might decide to be reviewing the products you are promoting on your website while using article marketing and other means to get traffic to your blog.

The reason for having a website is because it will serve as your online backup; your website will build up with time, you will gain more loyal readers, you will have your own online presence and also build up your credibility. Very soon, you will be making more than you expected.

2. Build Your Credibility
Building your credibility is very important because people won’t just buy anything like that. You will be more inclined to buying from a very close friend than from someone who is just walking up to you from the street for the first time.

There are many ways to build up your credibility, it might be by writing great and valuable content, it might be by trying to be everywhere and it might be by giving a lot of valuable freebies to your readers. The most important thing is to build up your credibility because it helps people take you recommendation more serious.

3. Only Promote Quality Products
Many affiliate marketers only promote products because of the fat commission they will receive; this is not supposed to be. You should only promote quality products that will greatly benefit your readers, it doesn’t matter how much the commission you will get may be, don’t try to promote just any product because it might destroy the credibility you have built with time.

You should also take into consideration the customer support and the drawbacks of the product you are promoting and make it known to your customers because many of them will think you are the one trying to sell them the product.

4. Try to Only Promote Products You Have Used
The most important thing is trust, if your customers have that in you, you will easily make more sales.

If you promote quality products you have used, it will help you easily get more sales because others will refer their friends to you.

Another great benefit of promoting products you have used is that it will help you easily review the product; you will always have good points to write when reviewing the product because you have personally used the product.

5. Build Your List
Your mailing list is like your online insurance and it is very important to build your list. Apart from making great income online, building your list helps you easily make repeat sale because you will always have people to tell about your offer.

A good way to build your list is by giving out an incentive, it might be an e-course, it might be free access to a membership site and it might be a free e-book.

You can use various methods to drive traffic to your squeeze page but I personally discovered the most converting method is having a subscribe form on your website’s sidebar.

Wrap Up

Making money from affiliate marketing is not rocket science; the above are 4 great tips to consider when trying to make money online from affiliate marketing.


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  1. Thanks lee. I’m newbie in affiliate marketing too. You told not to promote the products which is not tasted. But it’s really hard to only promote only used products. And i think to make money with affiliate marketing Blogger should build a loyal readership because they response on affiliate program.

    • Hi Alamin,

      I didn’t say product you have not tested, i said promote only products you trust but testing will make it easy for you to promote.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  2. Hi Onibalusi,

    You are correct. It is true that it is very important to have a website for affiliate marketing. It will help you build a list and will also enable you to do email marketing. Only a one page website is enough for this purpose.

    It is also very important to promote a product in which you actually believe in.


    P.S. I did not understand this: “You can use various methods to drive traffic to your squeeze page but I personally discovered the most converting method is having a subscribe form on your website’s sidebar.”

    • Hi Nabeel,

      “You can use various methods to drive traffic to your squeeze page but I personally discovered the most converting method is having a subscribe form on your website’s sidebar.”, I am talking about putting a form on the sidebar of my blog because only a fraction of my visitors visit my squeeze page.

      Hope you understand?


  3. Timing is really important as well – when you’re running a blog, throwing in affiliate products too soon will seem like you’re writing specifically for affiliate sales in comparison to delivering great content and then sharing products as an additional resource.

    At least in my opinion.

  4. Hi Onibalusi! Another great foundation guest post from you. I quite agree with you that we should try to only promote the product that we have used if possible. This is important because we can understand more about the product before recommending to others.

  5. ahh~ the beauty of affiliate marketing!
    firstly, thanks oni for writing up on such a wonderful post about affiliate marketing.

    in my opinion , affiliate marketing is by far the best way for any newbie or experienced internet marketers alike to really make money online.
    I personally started out with affiliate marketing. and being the new, fresh and clueless about how marketing should go and what’s worst through the internet, i have to practically start from zero.

    During my course of learning how to make money online with affiliate marketing, i have learnt a great deal of lesson. It has practically thought me on lots of things of how i get to market anything online. I believe this will be very efficient for me in future to come as I get to basically bring the utmost of my product.

    I believe learning on how to make money online through affiliate marketing will expose one individual to practically everything there is needed to make money. You talked about driving traffic. affiliate marketing has it.
    You talked about writing good content. affiliate marketing needs it as part of its marketing plans.
    You talked about learning how to have patience and building determination to succeed. Affiliate marketing definitely needs that.
    You talked about long term commitments and recurring income. Affiliate marketing certainly has that.

    for me, affiliate marketing is indefinitely the ‘guru’ of all methods to make money online. if you can edure the teachings that affiliate marketing would impose upon you ( seriously its takes sheer determination and effort ), you would definitely stop at nothing to make money online anymore.


  6. great post Onibalusi. These tips are very useful for those looking into affiliate marketing.

  7. Oni…your points are very valid…credibility is what prompts people to listen to you and take your advice on buying a product that would help them.

  8. I believe the number one item you mentioned is the most valuable requirement for a successful affiliate marketing career.

    It is part of branding and a great way of exposing oneself and showing good intentions in offering affiliate products.

  9. I have never been into affiliate marketing since my blog is new. When I will have decent traffic then I wil try affiliate marketing


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