How to Stay Sharp when Youíre Getting Dull

After blogging for any extended amount of time, it’s bound to happen.† Maybe you’re the exception to the rule, the Energizer Bunny of the blogosphere, if you will.† But for the rest of us, there’s a good shot that given enough time, you’ll start to lose your edge.† Whether your voice becomes flat, your content becomes a bit stale, or your overall feel just gets a dated look, a blog that isn’t sharp and on point is not a blog that will sustain readers.† Likewise, it will probably not even sustain you.† Chances are, you’ll get frustrated, burnt out and unsure about what to do next.† So, if you’re drifting that way or are possibly already in that spot, here are some ideas you may want to try in order to get that cutting edge back.

Go Sleuthing

You’re going to have to put your detective hat on for this one.† When you start getting dull, chances are very high that your content is all starting to sound the same.† This point is ridiculously easy to get to.† You start running short on time or your blog just becomes a smaller priority in your life and so the tendency to spend any decent amount of time prepping for said blog post is infrequent.† And, let’s face it: surface info is only interesting for so long. (For you and readers alike.)† So, take a day, a couple days, a week even, if you can manage it, and put some serious time into digging down deep into your niche.† Find what’s going on underground.† Find something you can bring to light that not every other blog on the subject has already uncovered.† Discover a potential in-the-future-idea that’s bubbling around.† Or maybe even come up with your own crazy futuristic idea of what might happen or could happen.† Be inventive. Have some fun with it!

Develop an Alias

When you’re dull, one of my most favorite ways to escape the doldrums is to become a whole new person altogether.† If you’re afraid to take on a whole new voice and personality and attribute it to yourself, then develop an alias.† Go all out with this.† Pick a name and then work up a background.† Yeah, I know, you’ll feel foolish, but whatever: it works and you need some help.† (Well not now, of course, this is all potential).† Pick your occupation, your hobbies, what your favorite wine is and what makes you smile.† What ticks you off and what gets you fired up.† The better the picture you have of this person, not only will the amount of fun you have increase ten-fold, you’ll write a much stronger piece.† Try and go as far away from your normal as possible.† If you’re always sassy and sarcastic, try your hand at something more braniac style.† If you always write straightforward, well-researched, linear pieces then by all means, throw some creativity in there!† Be punchy, be witty.† You’ll still be able to stay on topic, but you’ll give your blog a breath of fresh air that will probably not only relieve you but your readers too.† Who knows, you might want to give your alias a chance at a weekly post.

Team Up

When you all on your own just aren’t cutting it, consider teaming up with some bloggers who are really on their game.† This could mean co-writing a few posts till you get your pizzazz back, maybe taking a blogging class, or maybe even taking a class on whatever it is you blog about (marketing, cooking, etc.).† Sometimes it just takes a few more great minds in close proximity to yours to get you re-excited about the topic at hand.† And, when you’re excited, your voice naturally comes alive, your energy level that you devote towards your blog expands and you find yourself getting creative more easily.† You might go all out and re-style, you might just start producing pieces just dripping in inspiration, and you may even discover a new side to your voice you hadnít discovered before.

Take a Step Back

When all else fails, allow yourself to take a step back.† Take a few posts off.† Schedule in some fantastic guest bloggers to fill the spaces.† And let yourself take a breather.† Don’t make yourself read one more news article, one more cookbook, one more blog on the same topic until you actually start to crave it.† At some point, when you very first started this whole blog idea, you thought you’d have enough ideas and inspiration to last you forever and then some, right?† Right.† So, it’s doubtful that your passion for the topic is entirely dead and once you aren’t around it, you’ll probably miss it.† And by the time you come back to it, the wealth of information that will have accumulated in your absence will probably be more than enough to trigger countless new ideas.† You may even have to post some response/rebuttal pieces to your guest bloggers, you never know.

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  1. Digging deeper can provide a chance of me coming up of a niche that would be trendy in the future. Fantastic idea on teaming up since I could definitely acquire some fresh ideas from other bloggers. And I learned that I could also discover a market that is new to me. I think that changing my style would increase my interest in writing. I am excited on this new challenge.

  2. Those are some really good tips for snapping out of the blogging doldrums that we all run into from time to time. For me, the best is always the last one, taking a step back. I have a friend who I can hand over my work to temporarily, while I take a break to get away from it all. Perhaps I’ll go over to my friend’s house for the weekend or something like that and just chill out till I’m fresh and ready to get back at it again.


    • I agree with Jean, when we run out of ideas or we just do not have the mood of writing up a blog post for the moment, taking a step back is a good idea. In everything we do that makes us tired or we have no energy like we did before, taking a breather usually solves it.

  3. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Jocelyn,
    I read my old articles from the last year or earlier and will often find things that have changed a lot and that I can write about again. (Economics and politics)

  4. I like your idea of creating an alias, it sounds like a lot of fun and it’ll get off your mind in trying so hard to keep up or become even better. While creating the new you, you’ll sort of like get a break and maybe come back with a fresh and different perspective this time. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

  5. I like your advise about having an alias and do some sleuthing. Great suggestions. I have had times where it was hard and things all started to sound the same.

  6. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips. Honestly, I do agree with your idea that there would be time that all of us will have its down point yet, there would be always someone or somebody that will help us out in that thing. With the help of friends and family, we could always be positively sharp in everything that we have in our lives no matter how hard it is. Again, thank you for for sharing your point of ideas with regards to this issue and I am looking forward for your next post with regards to the same issue.

  7. At the time, you have to take the excellent guest bloggers to fill the spaces on here. Guest blogging plays an most important role in the blog.

  8. Hi Jocelyn,
    These tips you provided really sound interesting! I agree that coordinating with other bloggers will definitely teach you a thing or two, and they get to learn more about you and what you can do as well.

  9. taking a break is not only for blogging but on every work as well. Our body really need to regenerate and so does our brain, which is the source of ideas we pass on to our articles.

  10. Those are some great suggestions, Jocelyn. Losing my edge goes hand in hand with losing my enthusiasm most of the time and then it’s hard for me to figure out what to do to get it back. I really like the suggestion of teaming up. In all my life, I’ve always found new angles to look at everything just by being in the presence of others.