Increase Sales By Using Alternative Payment Method For Your Product

In Internet marketing field, many people try to make money online. They make money online using several ways such as selling banner ads, writing sponsored reviews, selling text links, selling affiliate products, providing internet marketing services, etc.

In fact, all the people who make money online also try to increase their sales everyday, by using various methods such as giving discount or coupon code, additional services, free updates, free gifts, high commission to affiliate, etc. Another method to increase sales that I figured out recently is to provide convenient payment method to buyers. If you have limited payment methods for buyers to purchase your product, they find it difficult to perform payment and give up to purchase your product as a result.

There are many payment options for merchants such as credit card, checks, PayPal etc. As I mentioned before, recently I found a special payment option which allows the visitors of a website to use SMS as means of payment for online purchases or internet marketing services.

SmsCoin Increases Your Sales By Giving Easier Payment Method

In general, SMS billing is a mobile billing and mobile payment mechanism that many people use today. Most probably, people use this option to purchase content and services via their mobile phone accounts. SmsCoin is a SMS payment platform, or what we call micropayments platform, which enables the customer to pay for products and internet marketing services online by means of SMS sent to a special short code. Such text message is called Premium SMS (PSMS) and the price of it is higher than of a regular SMS. This payment is billed to consumerís mobile phone account. In the market today there are several companies which provide these services, nevertheless all of them have different features in term of country connection, available scripts, etc.

My attention was drawn to SmsCoin project, which is one of the top companies in the field due to itsí country coverage and ease of use. The system works as follows: I register on SmsCoin website, place SmsCoin script on my website and start selling online products. If someone wants to buy the product, he has an alternative to make their payment via PSMS so that his mobile phone account is charged. This payment method helps the users if they don’t have an on-line payment system account or do not want to reveal their credit card details. I believe, most people do have mobile phones, so it would benefit a large number of people on the web.

Sms billing

SMSCoin - SMS Mobile Billing

SmsCoin Advantages

SmsCoin has an impressive 150+ list of ready-made scripts for all popular CMS. If you have a blog on WordPress or a website on Joomla, SmsCoin has the script for both of your blog or website, and thatís one of the attractive features on SmsCoin.

In addition, currently SmsCoin has 88 countries connected and a number of solutions offered. Premium SMS payment method can help you to increase your sales, and visitors from 88 countries get the opportunity to acquire services on your website. There also exist other mobile payment platforms such as Boku, Fortumo, Zong and others, which offer Premium SMS payment services, but there are slight differences between them, such as countries connected, work with legal entities only and so on.

Let us compare most popular SMS payment platforms so that you could decide by yourself:

Fortumo – has limited access, but they do offer a range of SMS services together with an easy setup. It has 45 countries connected worldwide. Offers a mobile payments API for incorporating the service into your website as well as in-app payments.

Boku – provides a pretty simple and user-friendly interface for mobile payments. You can get access to 60 + countries with more than 220 different carriers.

Zong Ė connects 38 countries worldwide with 100% carrier coverage in most countries and concentrates in online mobile payments. It has limited coverage, but the advantage is that it seems easy and fast enough to incorporate into your website.

SmsCoin – offers a huge range of 150+ ready-made scripts to incorporate into your website. Currently SmsCoin supports hundreds of mobile operators across 88 countries around the globe. SmsCoin also offers a number of different services around Premium SMS Billing, which allow a wider coverage of audiences and businesses.

Being A Partner Of SmsCoin

SmsCoin is looking for new partners worldwide, so if you manage any SMS-gateway in any country of the world, Iím sure youíll like their offer. What youíll get after partnering with SmsCoin is access to all SMS-gateways SmsCoin already works with in other countries with attractive revenue share, a set of ready-made unique services that suits your every expectation, user-friendly interface with access to statistics, 24/7 customer and technical support, and an exclusive opportunity to resell services. If youíre interested in SmsCoin Synergy campaign and would like to be part of SmsCoin, simply contact SmsCoin team.

Have you heard about SmsCoin? Or are you using it right now?

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  1. This is something new that i haven’t tried just yet..but maybe this year I will give it an go..

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  2. Personally I think this would only be worthwhile for mobile websites. There is no point in adding this to your website if you primarily just get regular non-mobile traffic. Adding multiple payment options is a good idea though. Many people are limited to only 1 or 2 payment methods that they use. So if you do not provide that particular payment method, you can lose the sale.

  3. never heard about smscoin. This is the first time i ever heard about smscoin. Did it support asian country like malaysia?

  4. I will try this payment method as well. The last, I am using both credit card and paypal for my business.

  5. What a good way as well. It adds ease and comfort. Security measures seems to be good as well.

  6. Oh, SMSCoin looks pretty cool. Sounds like it should be beneficial to have another extra payment method in addition to Paypal, credit card and perhaps direct bank in.

  7. So with SMSCoin’s service I can pay and receive money on my mobile phone, correct? How do I cash out the money I earn in my phone?

  8. We have integrated with mopay, a leading provider of mobile payment solutions worldwide, to deliver a payment option especially designed to reach unbanked and underserved consumers i.e. people who do not want to use their credit cards and bank accounts have a way to pay now.

  9. That is good but this do not have much userbase at the moment to go with.However the trend is rising and will rise for sure!