Links Are Not All Equal

It is sad to say but it is true. But I suppose no one ever said link building was simple and links were all created equal, did they? It is the bane of the newbie to toss links into a link farm or a collection of directories or profiles and assume your site will be found and visitors will hurry to see your latest words of wisdom or best deals.

Clue here folks. This will not happen. I speak from experience. I followed lousy leaders and phony gurus and watchednothing happen with my precious site. It was a passion site. I was told to select something I love and just write about it.

People will come. I did. They didn’t.

But I was such a newbie I simply went about posting links in dead end places and joining traffic exchanges so I could get some people to see my site. But by this time it had a column of Adsense ads.  Let me tell you, it is not fun to get bounced out of Google’s adsense program. About 2 weeks later I got to the chapter that said NEVER put adsense pages into traffic exchanges. Another painful noobie  lesson.

I tell you this to show you how totally inexperienced and gullible I was. I still had little or no traffic and now I did not even have the prospect of adsense as an income stream. The nextchapter was about affiliate marketing! We never returned to the topic of link building or backlinks again in the course I was taking. I got out of that course and started to focus with a new mentor.

From that point, I moved to where I am today. I understand all sorts of link building strategies and have used many different tools and systems. Today, I use my time much more effectively. I review which keywords need a boost in the search engine rankings and dedicate my link building to those terms until they reach the desired ranking in Google.

You can see a case study of my passion site at There I show you how I got that “dead in the water” bird watching site to the top of Google for each of its chosen keywords. That site got hacked recently and is being rebuilt so my work is to review what is valuable and restore it in a renewed way.

Now, I use a variety of link building tools and methods. You MUST have diverse good quality links coming into your site’s pages for the appropriate keywords if you want to see an improvement in your search engine page rankings (SERPs).

Do you have at least 6 different types of backlinks coming into your site? How many of each? Think Keywords. Think Anchor text. And backlink to them from many different places. That is the shortest way to describe how to use link building for traffic. Make some link wheels and then link to them. Sure it takes time to get it together, but it pays off when you get an unstoppable stream of traffic to your site.

At the top of this blog you may still see a banner for It is one of my favorite link building tools. I liked it enough to become an affiliate with them. Trust me, it is not the only one. I really like Unique Article Wizard for long lasting and solid links. Recently I have been using an even more dynamic article marketing program called Article Marketing Robot with good results.

Overall, without good backlinks, you will be as successful as I was NOT at the beginning. So why bother to build a website? Learn how to use backlinks to your best advantage and push your sites to the forefront to get some decent organic traffic from the search engines. Traffic is a lot less expensive that way. I do not pay for links. I get paid to make them for other people. Nice.

Image Credit : Emilio Guerra

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  1. Ideally, the links are displayed within relevant content on blogs that receive a lot of traffic and comments from different, real users.
    Google has already figured out that those links are more valuable than links on article directories or low quality blogs that do not get any traffic.

  2. Link building is like your stock portfolio diversify,diversify,diversify ! Great advice

  3. Yes links are definitely not all equal. That is an important lesson to learn for anyone just starting out with link building. In the past you could get rankings merely by getting a higher number of backlinks than your competitors. These days it is much more complex. Each link has a different weight based on multiple factors. It is important to diversify your link profile to outdo your competitors and develop more secure rankings.

    • @Danny and Jeremy thanks for your comments. Yes, diversity is essential just as it is with your portfolio. And the entire process of linkbuilding has changed along with internet marketing. Nothing is static. Got to keep in touch.

  4. Links are one of the hardest and most time consuming aspects of SEO. I have never heard of linkvana, I am going to have to give it a try if it would make link building a little easier. Thanks

  5. I had the same problem; all the guru’s and blogs pushed link building, but I had no idea where to get them from. Luckily I didn’t use adsense nor was I pushing affiliates, I just wanted to rank. 1 Year later I finally figured out I needed to work on it and really develop a web presence over time. I finally got page 1 for my keyword which sells for $12 dollars a click. Not much traffic is coming in, but once I move up the page, traffic should increase.

    • @Mark, good for you. Yep. It takes some effort, some know-how and some time, but the results of good link building are fantastic.

  6. Link building is a pretty challenging and time consuming activity. You can drive yourself pretty nuts if you only use one type, but you can also drive yourself nuts trying to figure out how to get the best links from too many different sources at once. It may take time to figure out what’s going to work for you, but it can be done. Look around, experiment and find the balance you can work with.

  7. In fact, good back links would be more helpful to get high traffic to the web sites :). thank you so much for your post on here.

  8. Brian Kinkade from Golden homes says:

    Link Building is one of the most effective tool used to get traffic. Now that Google Panda Update is here, many sites has to think over their link building strategies because the update is going to bid adieu to all poor linking strategies. So far I find links placed in contents very effective for increasing traffic. It is really very important to diversify if we want to see real results.

  9. Link building is really a very hard task and getting a link which is really worth something is even harder!

  10. Oh, I like that. Getting paid to make links for other people. :)