Poll : How’s The Loading Speed Of MyBlog2Day?

Hostgator is pretty good and I’m satisfied with the performance. I noticed that most of my readers said that this blog loaded faster than usual after switching to Hostgator, that’s pretty cool and this was my purpose of switching web hosting, my intention is to give the best experience for my readers while visiting and reading my blog. As you know, having slow loading speed in your blog would really piss off your readers.

When it comes to make money online, you need huge traffic, especially Google search engine traffic, if your blog is loading slow, visitors will simply click on the “exit” button after waiting for a long time, they have no chance to see the page as well as your Adsense ads or any products. You can’t keep a visitor to stay longer in your blog, how can you earn money online?

This blog was down while transferring to Hostgator, the traffic dropped 95% as I mentioned in previous post. Now, the traffic is back to normal and even better than usual, this means that reliable web hosting does really help in boosting your traffic. If you’re having slow loading speed with your current web hosting, you should really consider switching to Hostgator. It worth the money you pay!

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This is a poll post, make the story short. I would like to know how do you feel about the loading speed of MyBlog2Day after switching to Hostgator?

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Cast a vote and leave a comment below to tell us what’s your answer and which country do you come from.

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Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. I think that it is faster than it used to be before you have made the switch.
    .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Compression Socks and its Uses =-.

  2. It’s fast man! Except that the sidebar is slow a bit. The main content loads super fast, though.
    .-= Gloson´s last blog ..My Poem Performance of “Once Upon a Twice” =-.

  3. Wow, this blog loads so lighting fast that i can’t keep up with the loading speed lol. Nah just kidding, I think there’s definatly a difference witht he loading speeds.

    It’s much faster now.
    .-= Teen Blogger´s last blog ..Top 5 Critical Mistakes Bloggers Make =-.

  4. I thought your blog loaded great. I moved blogengage to a dedicated server and never got another complaint e-mail yet. I’m assuming it’s going well. It’s amazing how a slow website will limit your website growth. I cannot believe the impact it has.

    Congrats on the new server man!
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Social Spotlight Corey Freeman from Writer Seven =-.

  5. Extreme Fast! Great changes Lee :D
    .-= Toan Nguyen Minh´s last blog ..Reinvent Magazine Premium WordPress Theme by Premium Themes dot Net =-.

  6. It’s faster than before. Nice! :D
    .-= BloggerDaily´s last blog ..What Level Of Blog Posts Are You Producing? =-.

    • @BloggerDaily,
      Thanks for telling me about this dude, so I can know what is the difference between previous web hosting and Hostgator now, it means I didn’t make a wrong decision too. ;)

  7. this blog load faster but of course in my standard. :D
    .-= Dana@Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Increase Blog Page Views =-.

  8. Hi,

    I am new to your blog so I can’t compare the speed time. However, it loads quite normal and it sounds good. Would you like to share what improvement you made for getting it load faster? (if there are any you made)

    Can you checkout the load time for my blog? http://www.cyberdesignz.com/blog

    – J.
    .-= Web Designing´s last blog ..Tips To Design An Eye-Catchy Website =-.

    • @Web Designing,
      Hey thanks for taking some times here. I have nothing to share to get it loads faster since I just move it to Hostgator, Hostgator does all the works for me. But there is some other methods which we can use to decrease the loading time, perhaps I’ll share it in coming days.

      Anyway, your blog loads pretty fast. :)

      • That’s great, means you moved to a good host. I was also planning to switch my host but due to some reasons I postponed it. In future I might be changing…so the hostgator is good one!

        I am changing several things over my blog and website to get it load faster by means of reducing the graphics stuff and optimizing the flash animations.

        Thank you taking time out to check my blog.

        – J.
        .-= Web Designing´s last blog ..Tips To Design An Eye-Catchy Website =-.

        • @Web Designing,
          Excessive of graphics stuff would slow down the blog loading speed, it’ better to reduce it, your blog loads fast. :)
          You should change to Hostgator, I believe that you will like the features, as well as their technical services, that’s what i love. Mail me if you want to get the best deal while signing up Hostgator. :D

  9. Since you have moved to host gator your blog loads 20 times faster. So it seems to me.

  10. Hey KaHoongChai,

    Hostgator works really fast, and that’s why I have planned to switch to it,as it will help me a lot in getting good traffic as you have stated.

    The loading speed matters greatly as it is the only way you can make the readers go through most of content with ease.
    .-= Ravi@How to Make Quick Money´s last blog ..5 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader =-.