Predict Future Trends And Make Money Online

Predicting future is almost impossible unless youíre god, it goes same to predicting future trend in internet marketing. You can predict future trend unless youíre working with the company, for example, Google, if youíre working in Google, then you may know whatís the next Googleís plan or project, then you can start a niche and talk about that. Eventually, you might receive tons of traffic from the niche. People who can predict the future and theyíll be the winner.

Creating micro niche websites is what we usually do to make money online from google adsense or affiliate program, keyword research is important, the combination of keyword research tool and future trend prediction tool would be perfect. If youíre the first people who create a niche that you think that would be a hot niche in future, then youíll make a big profit from that niche.

Future Trend Prediction Tool – The Internet Time Machine

If youíre serious in making money online, you might need several internet marketing tools or software that help you to complete several tasks and save your time such as keyword research, you need a tool or software to do the job for you. It goes same to future trend prediction, you need a tool or software for it. When youíre ready and seriously want to start off your online business, definitely you want to find a niche that converts well.

The Internet Time Machine is a tool that predicts the future trend and niche that is potential, just like their slogan “Know Today What People Will By Tomorrow“, thatís the purpose. You may ask “Why we should use this future trend prediction tool since Google Trends can do the same?“, the answer is that you can save a lot of times instead of spending few hours with Google Trends.

How The Internet Time Machine Works?

This future trend prediction tool is very simple, I believe that you can easily handle it as long as you understand English. This tool collects huge amount of data from approximate 40 million sources from the web, the data is refreshing every 24 hours. That being said, youíll be getting trend or niche that might be profitable before your competitors.

Iíve been creating a lot of micro niche websites and make money online with Google Adsense, thatís what we call “niche marketing“. This is one of the popular ways that people used to make money online, when you get to know a niche that you think that will be a hot and profitable niche in the near future, you can start creating a blog or website on that niche and optimizing the keyword. Eventually your site will rank well in search engine and youíll be the one who make money from that niche.

The Internet Time Machine has three different types of future trend prediction tool in the system:

1 ) Most recent mentions from the last 24 hours
2 ) Potential trends from the last 24 hours
3 ) ITM core trend analysis

The Internet Time Machine - Interface

With the option of the most recent mentions from the last 24 hours, the tool will serve you a list of latest keyphrases used in PPC ads, blogs, news groups and mailing lists across the web. You can see which niche is the hottest in the last 24 hours.

The Internet Time Machine - Recent Mentions

While the column of potential trends from the last 24 hours will serve you a list of keyphrases that might be a hot and potential niche in the near future.

I would prefer using ITM core trend analysis as we can fill in the keyword, and get to know the future trend that is related to our preferable keyword. I tried to search for the keyword “food station” and it came out with a long list of result, it also provided the number of worldwide searches for each keyphrase.

The Internet Time Machine - Core Trend Analysis

Other than these, you can check out the top trends as well. It shows you the top 25 most recent mentions and top 25 potential trends, you can simply pick one of them and start creating a website for that niche. Of course, there is no guarantee on the potential of the keyword, but itís no harm to spend some times and develop the site, you’ll be the one who benefit in the end.

The Internet Time Machine - Top Trends

Wrap Up

You’ll be making a lot of money if the result is accurate, there’s no harm even the result is inaccurate. As I mentioned earlier, the combination of future trend prediction tool and keyword research tool is going to be perfect, so I would recommend you to use future trend prediction tool and get a potential keyphrases, use Micro Niche Finder to do keyword result, the result would be more accurate. Eventually, you’ll be getting a profitable niche with better reach and conversion!

Have you heard about this tool? Whatís your take?

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. Blog what I like all the while. Maybe it’s time for me to research on these popular keywords and make more money. :)

    • @Jayce,
      Don’t worry Jayce, your technology news is always up todate and profitable trends, otherwise you won’t be making good earning from any advertisement. :D Keep it up Jayce!

  2. Hi Lee,

    This is the first time that I am hearing of the Internet Time Machine (catchy name!).

    It looks really useful, and looks like we can make some money out of this tool!

    Thanks for sharing this great tool Lee!


  3. Hi Lee,

    This is an amazing thing that you have posted for the internet marketers. This is amazing because it can help the marketers to create a mind set for the future…. I personally believe that this thing is something worth spending money on.

    • @Isis,
      Absolutely. It worths the money for a long term basis. Internet marketer always needs tool and software for their research tasks.

  4. Never come across the internet time machine before but it looks well worth giving it a try and see what it can come up with.

  5. yeah, mnf is recommended! i’ve bought it & found some of untapped niche using it & hopefully these niche will be more profitable in the future

    • @naz,
      Cool! You may make some good earning from there, it worth the price naz! I strongly recommend MNF to anyone else who asks me about keyword research tool, it works better if you combine it with ITM.

  6. I think i need this good machine if i wish to expand my blogging investment or open a new blog. Thanks for your recommendation Lee! :)

  7. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    This tool can be good in combination Google Trends. Never look down on Google, they know what they do and Google always want to be number ONE.

  8. Thanks for sharing this Lee. This is the first time I saw Internet Time Machine. Will check this out late and hopefully, find a good result out of it.



  9. Hey Lee,

    Great post again with some good information about ITS and MNS.
    I am a huge advocate for keyword research (obviously :) ) and think you cover the topic well. I have tried Micro Niche Finder but now Use Keyword Research Pro as it also does niche searches as well. Never tried ITS but you certainly have covered it well here so if I consider it, I know where to come.
    Thanks for a great post Lee (good Tweet numbers btw. what’s the secret?)

    • @Alex,
      Thanks for your comment here Alex. I’ve not tried Keyword Research Pro before, how do you think about this keyword tool? Similar or better than MNF? :)

  10. A lot of the money I’ve made online was actually because I was promoting affiliate products that were for current trending topics.

    I’ve heard of the “internet time machine” before but didn’t really know much about it. This was a great review on this helpful tool.

    • @Mathew Day,
      Glad to hear that you made money online by promoting products that related to current trend topics, it shows that you do the right way. Keep doing that and hit 5 figure earning a month. Keep it up dude!