SEO Myths OR Not You Decide

SEO is something about which nobody really knows anything for sure. What SEO professionals write on their blogs is just their best guesses and there is always some twist to every rule. Nobody can guarantee what they are saying is hundred percent true. Just take an example of link building. We all know link building is must for ranking better on search engines but still there is a twist not all links are equally valuable and there is no easy way to find which backlink is more important or of higher quality.

Be warned of those SEO gurus who say they know everything for sure or know some secrets of SEO.There are some SEO rules which people like to follow strictly or are really serious about. But, many of them may be myths and may not really matter that  much. I would like to point out some SEO rules which may be myths but nobody can be sure.

Google Sandbox

Google sandbox is perhaps the most popular myth that new sites are penalized by google for no reason. But, according to Matt Cutts, google sandbox doesn’t work as we think. As we see examples of new websites not ranking for months and also we see new websites getting ranked instantaneously, its hard to tell how google really handles new websites.

301 Redirect can result in loss of pagerank

Matt Cutts said he sees how 301 redirects can lead to some pagerank loss. But, he never explained how 301 redirects can cause a loss in pagerank when 301 redirects are the legal way of redirecting and it means site permanently moved that means all benefits should be transferred to another domain. Before Matt Cutts said this we all thought 301 redirect doesn’t cause loss in pagerank. Can we really take Matt Cutts’ word for it? He is a google employee with a responsibility. He can’t always tell the truth. There is ambiguity. He may not want people to use this technique to build backlinks.

Are all Domain Names same

Some claim all top level domain extensions are same and you can achieve equally good rankings with all top level domain extensions. Some say .com is superior to others and ranks easily. In addition, it’s better to get a exact match domain for the keyword you want to rank. For example, you want to rank for the keyword “postcards“, so you should actually purchase a domain name which has the keyword in it, says or etc.

Do you really need pagerank to rank in search engines

Bloggers are crazy about pagerank. The craze has decreased in last one year when google took nine months to update pagerank again. Most of us seem to agree pagerank doesn’t help if links are irrelevant.

Dedicated IP and SEO

Many say dedicated ip hosting doesn’t affect rankings in google. Others say it does affect rankings as dedicated ip is a scarce resource and google easily identifies your website on a dedicated ip thinking it must be special to be on a dedicated ip!

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is really bad and will break your site. But we all know people have made lots of money out of duplicate content in the past. If you put same content on two sites, which one will rank higher? Say, give them a month difference. I still think the one with more backlinks will rank higher even if it was posted a month later.

Dropped domain backlinks loss value

Many say after a domain is dropped, the value of backlinks it had before the drop is nulled which really seems to be the natural thing to happen. But, there are many examples of domains recovering pageranks even if registered after a year of the drop if the backlinks are still intact.

Backlinks from different domains hosted on same IP

It is thought that if you get backlinks from websites hosted on same ip, you get penalized. Well, if  you are blog farming then you surely will get penalised. But, if you have genuine blogs then its only natural thing to interlink as long as you don’t do it too much and links are relevant. Its safe to interlink as long as these links remain a small chunk of all the backlinks. Just my thoughts, would like to know what you think!

Domain Age

Does a domain name gain authority because of age or it gains authority only after a website is put on it and links are build to it? Does it help buying a 1995 registered domain but a site was never built on it?
Well, this was really an effort to stimulate some discussions, so share your experiences and what you really think about the various points listed above?

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About Amit

Amit Sharma is a blogger based in New Delhi. He writes blog tips and about various ways to Make Money Online.


  1. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Amit,
    Much of this is myth, but much is truth. I use list as a good basis for my SEO building then I think he is quite right in SEO.

  2. I agree with Lennart many of these myths are true but probably not of so much importance for example duplicate content and a young domain name of a website will probably heart your site but it will not get penalized by Google.

    • Regarding duplicate content, its really risky now. If the owner files a dmca complaint with google, within a few days site will be gone from search engines. Last month I filed dmca complaint against few blogs and success rate was 100%! :)

      • I didn’t know that this can actually happen by complaining to Google thanks for inform me

      • I didn’t know that by filing a dmca complaint with Google, the site in question would be removed from the search engines. Thanks for sharing that tip. It goes to show that Google is very serious when it comes to duplicate content.

  3. not all is myth. Some of them, really works.

    • Yes, thats why I have not been decisive in this article. I guess these are the most important topics we discuss daily in SEO work and think about.

  4. Wow, I certainly need to digest most of these SEO tactics, whether myths or otherwise! Anyway, I think Google Sandbox should really exist and it traps new websites there. Do you think my website is sandboxed?

    • I think if your site appears in search engines for competitive keywords within 50 or even 100, your site is not sandboxed (if such a thing exists). The best way to deal with sandbox is just forget that such a thing exists and do what you would normally do and of course, whitehat.

      • Thanks for the analysis for my website. I think I am doing all right then… I will continue to produce more good content for the site. Cheers!

  5. I think not all the points that you stated above are myths. We can actually use our common sense to differentiate the things that we should do for our website search engine optimization. As long as we do not try to do the blackhat SEO, I am sure that our website will be ranked well sooner or later.

    • I agree with you, SEO is more about common sense. We know which SEO methods are authentic and would give more credibility to our sites in long run than those methods which are spam, automated.

  6. Brian Kinkade from Golden homes says:

    Hey Amit,
    Excellent post, such posts encourages the readers to participate with the commenting tribe members. I also chime with the rest, some techniques are lifeless but I don’t think all are myths. Its completely true, there are SEO gurus who claim to be the master of all but SEO is not a day’s work nor does the same set of techniques work for all.

    • Hi Brian, I am glad you liked the post. My intention was to encourage some SEO discussions rather than make any decisions and I believe nothing is crystal clear in SEO.

  7. I have had many domains over the years some where indexed by google right away and some where not. So when it comes to picking one you never know, but I agree you should have your keyword somewhere in the name.

    • Yes,keyword in the domain helps in getting good rank in search results.I have seen many such search results with keywords in domain ,but very less valuable content

  8. Yeah, i agree with the first point Google Sand box; which is one of the myth that would be penalized now. One of my friend had this problem at the last month. But it’s one of the sad news. At the time, they written as original content and posted in their site. Please give us some suggestion, Amit.

  9. Hi Amit,

    I must say I’ve learned some new things about SEO myths here. I actually agree that the domain names having a .com extension are the most popular and keywords are easy to rank with it. As for the others, I haven’t really known much about them before.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hello Amit. I found this discussion very refreshing as most other discussions are rather commercialized or one sided. I would like to share my thoughts and experience on this if you will allow ?

    1. Google sandbox
    So far I have not encounter an actual incident involving this myth. But generally for new sites, getting it indexed fast is a major hurdle. Most penalties from Google are more for using link farms, keyword stuffing or invisible keywords. To me. its safe to say that its more of a myth than real.

    2. 301 redirect
    I have encounter this a few times but its only temporarily. I am not sure why as well, but maybe because Google see this page as a new and separate page instead as part of the “original” pages. Eventually the page rank goes back to normal.

    3. Are all domain name same
    I would agree getting domain which matches the keyword does wonder for SERP. As for the domain, I think .com, .net, .org, does not really matter as search engines is more advance nowadays. But what does matter if the client is targeting specific markets in specific countries, then a country level domain will do wonders for them.

    4. Page rank
    Yeap, totally agree PR doesn’t help if links are irrelevant. PR is just a ranking index google uses, but for SERP, more important is the relevance of the content and product offerings.

    5. Dedicated IP and SEO
    Google doesn’t index a page base on IP, but rather content, website, keywords.

    6. Dropped domain backlink loss
    Yes this is certainly true from my experiences.

    7. Backlinks from different domains
    This is certainly a non factor if you are not in the blog or link farming business ? I have a client who runs a few websites on the same IP and they cross link each other. This been going on for years and he has yet to be penalized. I believe it has a lot to do with how genuine your pages are. If its genuine & real, then it wont be penalized. If its spam and copied, or from link farms, you should be fearful of the mighty google!

    8. Domain age
    I believe domain name gain authority because of its age, and the fact that content has been there since it started. I do not believe it will gain authority if you purchase a old site but there has never been content nor development there. Neither the case if you purchase an old site which has different business / content than what you are currently doing. For example now doing books, but the old site was doing cars.

    Just my 2 cents and sharing of my thoughts. I provide SEO services through ?

    • I’m really glad William, that you found this post refreshing and you shared your valuable thoughts elaborately and increased the value of this post.