Should You Spend Your Valuable Time Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is an effective way to get inbound links and increase traffic to your own blog. In essence, it is free advertising. Many bloggers have found that guest blogging is more effective at increasing traffic than article marketing. Also, the blog owner benefits by getting free content and his audience is treated to diversity in content and in writing style.

Here are some of the benefits you gain by guest blogging:

  • Increased traffic: Publishing great guest posts with a link back to your blog will increase traffic. Most blogs have subscribers who via email or their RSS reader receive all posts made on a blog, including yours. By guest blogging in your niche you’ll reach your target audience. Guest blogging at popular blogs can quickly increase the size of your audience.
  • Advertising: Guest blogging provides free advertising for your blog. Also, it’s superior advertising when compared to a link accompanied by only a few words. To increase traffic, many website owners promote guest posts to their network, so you get additional free advertising.
  • Increased exposure: Guest bloggers are exposed to a new audience. Be a guest blogger on as many blogs as you can. Posting guest articles a few times at a particular blog increases the chances of readers clicking on your link. New readers may become subscribers.
  • Networking opportunities: By writing a great blog post the blog owner may ask you to write guest posts for other websites he or she owns. Also, if you provide great posts, you’ll build relationships in the blogging world which can pay big dividends.
  • No blog: Even if you don’t have a blog, guest posting provides opportunities to link back to your Facebook page, Linkedln profile, or other social media platform.
  • Reciprocation: Providing an excellent guest blog to a popular blogger may inspire him or her to reciprocate by writing one for your blog. Your audience is entertained by fresh content from a talented blogger who may have a different writing style than yours. And perhaps the guest blogger will link to his guest post from his blog, thereby sending a portion of his audience to your blog.
  • Social media users: Once your guest post has been posted, contact social media users you know and pitch the link to them.
  • Backlinks: Most bloggers realize that backlinks from relevant, quality websites increase rankings with search engines. By increasing your ranking you can increase your advertising rates.
  • Community of friends: By engaging with other bloggers and new audiences you expand your community of friends and colleagues in your niche. This can lead to more guest blogging opportunities.
  • Enhance your resume: Depending on the job you’re seeking, guest posts on relevant blogs may enhance your resume. Perspective employees may infer you have expertise on particular subjects.
  • Variety: Your audience is used to a particular writing style and so they expect blog posts to be written in a specific way. Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to write in various styles and about subjects you don’t cover on your blog. It gives you the opportunity to try something new. You can experiment with new techniques.
  • Comment section: Respond to comments because it can provide valuable networking opportunities. Also, readers are more likely to revisit your website if they have an ongoing conversation with you.
  • Branding: By guest blogging in your niche, you get exposure in that community and boost the profile of your personal brand and that of your business. Each time your blog name is placed at the end of your guest article, readers become more familiar with you. According to studies, the more familiar people are with a brand the more they trust the brand. The more readers trust you the more likely they are to subscribe to your blog, refer you to their friends, or purchase items from your website.

Get more exposure and improve your search engine rankings by guest blogging.

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  1. The benefit are endless for most marketers out there, you can gin an big audience base if your able to tap into the bloggers readers and convert then to just incredible marketing..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. True enough, guest blogging brings you tonnes of benefits. I really need to guest blog more, wish I could guest blog 10 articles a day, but with 2 hands, that’s quite impossible for me. Haha…

  3. I plan to really step up my guest posting in 2011 but with a bit of a twist – I want to make sure that people are landing on a welcome page so they don’t get lost as soon as they click through – it’ll round up the best-of-the-best posts I have to offer so it immediately drives up the value :)

  4. Yes there are so many benefits to doing guest blogposting. You can tap into completely new sources of traffic and get significantly more exposure for your own blog or website.

  5. Though for me, that is part of my focus for this year, I want to be able to state at the end of this year that my blog too is successful and I plan on using guest posting as my traffic path, thanks for stating this benefits!
    Also before you go on the guest posting spree, you have got to have what is called “pillar articles or posts” this would act as welcome post for what your new readers would read to become a part of your community…

  6. Guest blogging though needs dedication of time but it pays there after, Its really a good way of building a solid brand image in any given marketing niche.
    Guest Blogging allows you to become more social, you will interact with other bloggers in order to exchange ideas and views.

  7. I am aware that one could really gain advantages through guest blogging. But I just realized that there are a lot of benefits one could attain by guest blogging after reading your post. It could really make a huge difference. Thanks for the info!

  8. There are so many advantages and good things from guest blogging. I think, its a win win scenario for the guest blogger and blog owner not to mention the benefit their readers will get as well.

  9. Guest blogging? Why not? It’s a way to advertise your site and a way for blog owners to learn things from their guest bloggers. In other words, both of them gain benefits from it. It’s like a give and take relationship. The benefits you’ve posted are indeed very true.

  10. Guest blogging is one of my favorite methods to engage new visitors to your website! it works really well for me and once i do my guest blogging in good websties, i really get a huge number of new subscribers as well.