Sunday Killer Link Love Post #11

Each weekend I’ll write a post that called Sunday Killer Link Love Post, I used to share about articles from the blogosphere that I find interesting, useful and benefit to my readers. Articles cover topic about blogging tips, traffic building, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and tips that teach you how to blog.


Recently, my brother and one of my blog buddy told me that my blog loaded pretty slow, I’ve been using Blogengage button for quite some times and recently the site is down, so the button couldn’t be able to function and that causes my blog loads pretty slow, but I’ve fixed it. I did start a poll earlier and asked for blog loading speed after moving to Hostgator, and I would like to take back the poll and place it here, I hope you would help me to test and cast a vote, of course drop a comment and tell me your result would be much appreciated.

Top 10 Sunday Killer Link Love Posts

1) The 30 Best Ways to Build Blog Traffic in 2010 – SiteSketch101
Let’s drastically revolutionize the way we blog in 2010. One of the most difficult challenges that bloggers are facing is how to build high quality blog traffic in 2010. Many of the tips below aren’t necessarily tips that are unique to this year. Rather this is a serious challenge for you to determine to use this new year to bring a fresh vitality to your online presence and to build blog traffic in ways that you have never done before.

2) 9 Ways to Treat Your Blog More Like a Brick-and-Mortar Business – Blogussion
Most of us want our blogs to become more than just blogs. If that’s the case with you, then you need to treat your blog like it’s a business. When I was planning this post I realized there are a lot of similarities between your blog and the corner store down the street. Except, the corner store is making money and you probably aren’t.

3) Why A Blog Should Always Be Niche Focused – CatsWhoBlog
So you want to create a (new) blog? Congratulations! This is a very good idea!
Before your blog goes live you have to be sure about something really important things: what you will talk about and how you’ll do it so you’ll not end up with an abandonned blog one year after launching your new project. In fact, choosing a niche and stay sticked to it is one of the essential keys for success in blogging.

4) 20 Email Productivity Tips To Become an Email Master – DailyBlogTips
Like it or not, email is the standard communication channel these days. Whether you are an attorney, a student or an online worker, you’ll certainly spend a good percentage of your day in front of an email client. If that is the case, learning how to be more productive with email is a must, right? Below you’ll find 20 email productivity tips for that purpose.

5) 50 Tips For Bloggers Who Work From Home – WeBuildYourBlog
Many people could benefit from some simple tips to improve their life, but those people who blog or work from home face special challenges. From ways to succeed at work to how to relax, here are fifty tips to help turn your life around.

6) Is Premium Content Really a Big Myth? – Blogussion
Now I believe that blogging is a powerful way to make money online through the selling of products (our theme), affiliate’s products, advertising, and a few other random options. The real challenge I have with blogging as an income source is with the content itself. You see as a vesicle for other products, blogging is a great way to market your wares, but as an actual income source for content it may be lacking a few major elements of profitability.

7) Increase Blog Reader Interest With Parody – HowToMakeMyBlog
If you’re like me, most of your blog posts are serious—that’s s-e-r-i-o-u-s. For some reason, known only by the Gods and Google, blog writers believe their writing styles must be as solemn as a funeral dirge. But what if you could write in an entertaining, purposeful way while still achieving your goals, whether it’s convincing readers to take your advice, subscribe to your RSS feed or learn something from you? You can with parody.

8 ) How to boost your pageviews – BlogGoDown
Increasing Page Views is a science as well as an art. By ’science’, I mean that there is a rational reason behind every technique and the ‘art’ is, to use it in the best way possible and which suits the blog.

9) Why Your Comments Section Should Be Like A Forum – TheInfoPreneur
Comments on your recent work or a guest post are the quickest and probably one of the most reliable ways of gauging your readers reaction. Most of the sites that belong to the readers of this site accept comments and encourage them.

10) 7 Productive Things To Do When You Can’t Blog – WchingYa
It has been several days now since I’m out of internet service at home. The area seems to go static with no connection whatsoever while some areas in town are not affected. As a fulltime blogger I find that a little devastating to start my new week. Negative thoughts crept in but I knew my foremost task is to eliminate them for good — by being practical!

Personal Ramblings

I was really busy this week as I prepared for the test of one of my subjects, I’ve just done it today and it went smooth, hardwork paid off. I just completed one test for one of my subjects, two more tests to go in coming weeks, together with few assignments and presentation, that’s going to kill me. Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner, I’m going to forget everything and relax during the holiday!

I’ll take some times to update this blog during holiday, or I might totally leave it for 2 weeks. These days I received quite some guest post from fellow bloggers, thank you guys for helping to update this blog, of course you would get some traffic and dofollow backlink as well. Anyone who would like to guest posting in this blog, please check out the guideline.

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*Number of vote is counted from 24.

So, as the poll question, how do you think about the loading speed for this blog? Leave a comment below and tell me how many seconds you take to load the whole page.

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  1. Same here. Even though I don’t have any assignments or test coming but I get tired fast during intern. So it affects my blogging focus at night. :D

    • @Fazreen,
      Yea, totally agree with you. You know I have a weird attitude, when I’m extremely busy and no time for blogging, I got idea to write a blog post and I hope I got time for my blog; when I’m free and got time for my blog, I feel tired and my mind is blank. That’s pretty weird. Anyway, I just write whenever I like and write anything that I want. That’s blogging! :)

  2. As always, your link love post is full of useful links. I especially like #7 about using parody in blogposts. To keep a blog interesting, it helps to add in a bit of humor here and there.

  3. Nice fast load, I took your poll. Great list too; found 1-2 I hadn’t seen. :)

    Looking for guest posts? Let me know, I’m looking to drop some real soon. ;)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Here We Go! Theme Construction Part 1 – Your Participation Is Wanted-Needed! =-.

  4. Uh, shame on me, I missed this post… I was overwhelmed with duties on college, but still.

    I never asked you, but what is the criteria you use to choose which blogposts to list? For example, if you have 2 fantastic posts about, I don’t know, getting more traffic, how do you decide which one to choose?
    .-= Davor Gasparevic @ Internet marketing ebooks´s last blog ..Niche/money making ebook #11 – How to become a successful public speaker! =-.

  5. Hi Lee how are you? I think you have make more attractive your blog than before. I have joined in one SEO firm here, so I was unable to come online since long time. How is going on blogsphere.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..The Super Bowl 2010 =-.

    • @chandan,
      I’m fine here chandan and I’m going to have my holiday soon! I wonder why you didn’t come up to leave a comment. How’s your life in SEO firm? Everything goes smooth? Any SEO secret to be shared here? ;)

  6. Hi Ka Hoong, thank you for the link love. Nice compilation of resourceful links about blogging, appreciate your effort to share it and acknowledging the bloggers. Obviously we have some readings to do. :)

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..6 Status Updates Scheduler for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn =-.

    • @Ching Ya,
      Thanks for dropping by Ching Ya, and you deserve for the link love. I hope you enjoy reading the articles over here.

      Also, wish you have a prosperity Chinese New Year!

  7. Lee you’re a master in the game brother and I do admire your intelligence in this industry.I must tell you I don’t across much like you bro.The information above is priceless and appreciated.I love how you mentioned treating your blogs like a Mortar and Brick business which is soo true.Thanks again for the info.


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