Sunday Killer Link Love Post #59

Every weekend I do the same thing, I read several articles from blogosphere and share about 10 useful and interest articles from blogger fellows, all 10 article topics include blogging tips, search engine optimization, social media, affiliate marketing, make money online, traffic building, brand building, and etc.

If you know me, I used to create micro niche websites to make money online with Google Adsense. I told you 2 weeks ago that I’ve bought a software which builds backlinks for websites and ranks well in the search engine, the software is effective and it does help to improve search engine ranking though, but I need to build for few more weeks to see better result. At the same time, I bought another backlinks software and I hope this would work well with the first software to get things move faster and smoother. I’ll test them on a new website, I’ll keep you updated again. Stay tuned.

Top 10 Sunday Killer Link Love Posts

1) The Art of Leveraging your Blog – DailyBlogTips
Believe it or not, even if your blog isn’t considered A-List, you just might be surprised at how powerful it can be. A blog can help open some doors for you. So, if your subscriber count is not super high and you’re not in the elite list of your niche, fear not! Your blog may be just powerful enough to lead to opportunities in other areas of your life.

2) 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build Influential Connections – SocialMediaExaminer
If you want to build truly influential relationships online, you have to find places where you can consistently add value, spend quality time and have engaging conversations with members of your target demographic.

3) An Unconventional Method To Gain Top 10 Rankings – TechNShare
I think I can say that all of you reading this post want to make money online. You all know that holding that number one spot (depending on your keyword) will send you a ton of good traffic and generate some sales. But, to get those top rankings will require work, even how little work is needed. Devesh has already posted some awesome articles here on TechnShare with solid tips on how to get the number one spot with your site.

4) How to Create a Writing Style That Impacts Your Audience Like A Blaaazing Meteor – MarsDorian
I read a lot of stuff, most of which is forgettable. Boring-ass and purely weak – the kind of writing that could make sleeping pills obsolete. But that, once in a while, I come across a site like Nina’s castles in the air, and I’m totally taken hostage by the author’s world ! It’s no surprise that the best writers, speakers and brands write powerful magic – high impact words that captivate, entertain and inspire you to act in THEIR favors. It goes beyond manipulation – it’s the ability to emotionally hit the nerve of your audience and to bombard it with rounds of pure awesomeness.

5) How to Make Your Blog Load Faster than ProBlogger – ProBlogger
If you’re regular reader, you know that how much time takes to load. Would you like to make your blog load faster than ProBlogger? Today I’m going to share eight simple tips to increase your blog speed. But first, you’ll need to know how quickly your blog is loading right now.

6) Trusted Sites – 5 ways to Determine Quality Sites in 2011 – KaiserTheSage
It seems that the Google Pagerank is going to rest for a while now, or perhaps be buried along with the decade that has passed. Google’s exclusive rights to Stanford University’s Pagerank was set to expire this year, and obviously, they have been busy enough in improving more important aspects of search (Instant, Places, Local search, spam filters and more of their services).

7) 10 Little Known Factors that Affect Your Conversion Rate – KissMetrics
If you’ve been working on increasing your conversion rate, you already know to test major changes like the placement of product photos and copy, headlines, call-to-action buttons and so forth. But if you aren’t seeing the gains you’d hoped for, there still may be some underlying issues nibbling away at your conversion rate. Here are 10 little-known factors that could be eating away at your successes – and how to fix them immediately.

8 ) Why I Will Never Use Adsense on a Blog Again – DailyBlogTips
Ten years ago I started a fitness blog, wrote some articles, slapped on an Adsense unit or two and then a year later sold it for $20,000. I was pretty happy with myself. And while it was the right move for me at the time I can’t help but wonder how much I could have sold it for if I had ignored Adsense and done something totally different. In this article I am going to talk about why I will never use Adsense on a blog again. I hope at least some of you pay attention.

9) How to Promote your Blog using Offline Marketing – BlogGoDown
A good technique for blog marketing is offline marketing which is a good alternative to online marketing. Compared to online marketing, offline marketing can prove to be more fruitful. Offline Marketing has been proven to be beneficial for bloggers who want to promote their blogs locally or who want to expand their reader base using offline activities.

10) 10 Killer Tips You Must Know When Using Aweber – Kikolani
If you are online (hello, you are reading this so you must be!) and you have a business – or are even thinking about having a business – online, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by creating and collecting a mailing list. Simple as this is, I did not see the value in it and only looked into it at the persistence of my very good blogger friends (you know who you are, thank you!) but as Naomi Dunford bluntly puts it: “If you don’t have a list, you have nothing!” Nothing, people and she is right.

Recap Of The Week

1) Starting A Blog For Free Versus On A Budget by burnsij

2) The Passionate Bloggers – Why They’re Successful by Marcela

Personal Ramblings

It’s the last weekend because my new semester is going to be started on next weekend, so I’ll have less time doing blogging stuff again, but I can still do it if there’s not much assignments. A big day of Chinese is around the corner which we call it Chinese New Year which drops on 27th January 2011, so I’m going to buy new cloth this weekend for a new year! It’s a big day for Chinese, can’t wait for that!

Anyway, if you would like to increase one way dofollow backlink or driving massive traffic to your blog, you may consider writing a guest post on this blog. You may read the guest posting guidelines, register as a contributor, write a guest post and submit for review.

How’s your weekend? If you’re a Chinese blogger, are you going to celebrate with your family this year?

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Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. Your Sunday Link Love posts are always awesome. Some great posts that you have mentioned here. BTW best of luck for your new semester, I hope you can still get time to chuck in some blog posts.

    • @Shiva,
      Yea I hope you enjoy reading them Shiva. Thanks for your best wishes and I’ll work hard in my new semester as well as blogging stuff. :)

  2. Hey Lee!

    I really enjoy the posts you share from Kissmetrics, they do provide a lot of solid content :) Anyway, Good luck to you to this coming semester, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be doing great. And we also do celebrate the “Chinese New Year” here in the Philippines, since there are lots of Chinese people here and it’s been kind of part of our modern culture, plus my fiance is from a Chinese family as well.

    Thanks for including my post here, I’m receiving a lot of link love from you bro! Thanks!!!


  3. Hi lee love the sunday love link post as always but the link to the first post is broken

  4. Great list. Love the name of #4. That alone sucked me right in.