SEO Myths OR Not You Decide

SEO is something about which nobody really knows anything for sure. What SEO professionals write on their blogs is just their best guesses and there is always some twist to every rule. Nobody can guarantee what they are saying is hundred percent true. Just take an example of link building. We all know link building … [Read more...]

Google Is In Twitter

The father Google is in Twitter right now. I think Google is the first Twitter member who grows the fastest. Google is actually communicating with everyone in social networking site, so take the chance to communicate with Google too now. The first tweet message from Google was 2 days ago. I'm 01100110 01100101 … [Read more...]

Increase Adsense Earning By Changing The Font Of Your Adsense Unit

Adsense team has just upgraded the Adsense feature where you're able to change the font for your Adsense units. Before this, we just able to use one single font which is Verdana, but then we're able to choose for another 2 new fonts which is Arial and Times New Roman. This new Adsense feature has benefited all the … [Read more...]

Google Image Search Increase Blog Traffic

What is Google Image Search? When you open a Google page, there is a "images" at the top left corner, we called it Google Image Search, it's used to search images that listed in Google. How many of us are using Google Image Search to search images ? I can say huge quantities, I search everyday whenever I wrote an … [Read more...]

Adsense Referrals retire

Google is retiring one of their feature, Adsense Referrals !! It's a big normal news, right ? For me only la, because i don't use Adsense Referrals feature. Because i can't get the ads i want with Adsense Referrals, so i already took out last few weeks ago. But i know some bloggers are using it and love it too, no cur … [Read more...]