SEO Myths OR Not You Decide

SEO is something about which nobody really knows anything for sure. What SEO professionals write on their blogs is just their best guesses and there is always some twist to every rule. Nobody can guarantee what they are saying is hundred percent true. Just take an example of link building. We all know link building … [Read more...]

No More PageRank Sculpting!

It was not a new statement anymore and Matt Cutts announced and confirmed this statement around late Year 2008. When it comes to search engine optimization, there is no more pagerank sculpting on the web. A year ago, it was true that pagerank sculpting was still effective, but last year Matt Cutts explained the chances … [Read more...]

May 09 Google Pagerank Update

Have you noticed that Google is updating the Pagerank for all the blogs and websites this few day? The Pagerank for this make money online blog was increased from PR2 to PR3, it was back to PR3 again after the dropped at previous April Google Pagerank Update. I noticed that Google updated our Pagerank very frequent, … [Read more...]

April Google Pagerank Update and Improvement of SERPS

Again, Google updated Pagerank for websites, blogs and forums. It shows that Google has revised the value of all the websites, blogs and forums. If I'm not mistaken, the previous Pagerank updated was December '08, seems that Google team is to be more aggressive in updating Pagerank. Unfortunately, this make money … [Read more...]

130 DoFollow Forums

I believe that everyone knows about strong backlinks with relevant anchor text link could help in improving search engine ranking for your blog, perhaps some of them don't really know about these, but it's really important to know. In my experience, I found that building backlinks by commenting on relevant niche blog … [Read more...]