The “Secret” To Marketing Your Small Business Online – Successfully!

There is a secret to marketing online success that many business owners don’t know. It’s not really a secret, actually, but a very simple truth:

Identify your marketing goals, then make all decisions based on these goals.”

It’s very simple, but very important. Allow me to break it down for you…

Identify Your Goals
Every website has a goal – something the website does to make the company more profitable. For most small businesses, your website’s main goal should be either generating sales leads or making online sales. Many small business owners make the mistake of choosing a goal that is too broad and non-specific, such as “getting my business out there”. A non-specific goal like this will not necessarily make your business profitable, nor can you measure success by it.

Here’s an example of a good website goal:

Generate as many qualified sales leads each month (minimum of 20) at the lowest cost per lead.”

Let Your Goals Determine Your Web Design
A good website design is about more than just looking attractive and professional. A good website design should be centered around achieving your website goals, through effective usability, conversion, and copy techniques. Continuing with our previous example goal, a website focused on generating sales leads should be design around two principles:

  • Sales copy to convince and lead the visitor to fill out a lead form
  • Design that makes the lead form as visible and easy to use as possible

Measure Your Marketing Campaigns By Your Goals
An effective marketing campaign is one that is chosen, setup, and optimized to achieve your website goals. If your goal is making online sales, your marketing campaigns should be chosen and setup based on what strategies will best achieve this goal. A few recommendations:

  • Install conversion tracking to monitor and analyze how well your campaigns are performing.
  • Measure exactly how much it costs in marketing spend to get one sales lead or online purchase.
  • Optimize your campaigns to decrease your cost per conversion.

Optimize Your Website To Better Meet Your Goals
One of the most important parts of a successful online strategy is optimizing your website conversion rate. Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who convert (make a purchase or become a lead). Here are several areas you can focus on to increase the number of your visitors who convert:

  • Write better headlines, sales copy, and calls to action to encourage more visitors to take action
  • Work on your website design to make converting the obvious and easy thing for visitors to do
  • Run split tests to determine which website content performs best

Many small business owners don’t fully understand how to build and market a website that will meet their goals. If you learn how to set and achieve goals for your website, you will have a clear advantage over your competitors online.

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  1. So the secret is to learn how to set and achieve goals for your website! Thank you for the tips!

  2. Lin great article by the way! Thanks for all your secret tips on how to market your small business online. I guess you can keep it simple by establishing your goals and set out to achieve your goals.

  3. Ok…I understand that…if you don’t have goals…you can go nowhere! In business, goals determine how the marketing has to be done.

  4. Kok Siong Chen from Cancer Research says:

    I think setting up a goal is really important. We need to have goal in order to do the things on the right track. Thanks for your sharing!

  5. These tips would be more helpful to marketing business online successfully. Thanks a lot for given valuable info on here :)

  6. The take home lesson then is take time to get your goals right and allocate your time, effort, resources in achieving them. I would also like to add that sometimes given external changes that you did not really cater for should also be filtered in the decision making process ,which can bring changes in your original goals.

  7. Hi Lin,

    Well said about Goals and its impact on the business!! Running split tests to find out the best website is really a worthy thought ..


  8. actually, there are no secret. We just need to take action.

  9. Good post Lin, we have to set goals before starting an internet marketing business or we won’t know where we are heading!

  10. It’s funny, when you say “getting my business out there”, it’s always been my perception that that was ultimately the goal of social media methods like Facebook and Twitter…