Biggest Reason You Are Not Making Money Online

Everybody is keen to make money online these days. With the current financial crises and a really bad job market, it’s no wonder more people are turning to internet to find a way to earn extra money. Unfortunately, most people who attempt to make money online will fail.

There are so many ways to make extra money that nearly anyone can find a method that suits their skills and capability. The reason for people failing in their efforts of making money online is not that they couldn’t find an appropriate way or that they couldn’t manage time for their new venture. No, the most common reason for many of us failing to make online money is because we FAIL to ACT. We keep searching continuously for different methods of making money, we find some that we consider to be good methods, we keep reading and learning about them for days, weeks and months, yet we fail to put any of those learned lessons into use.

I myself was a victim of that. Some years ago I got interested in making online money. So, like anybody else in that kind of a situation, I too started looking for helpful information and means of making money online. I joined a couple of online money making forums. I also subscribed to a couple of blogs that I thought were offering really good information about making money online and they proved to do so.

I did read a lot of good content and found some great ways to make online money. Some of them even provided simple step-by-step guides. Yet, I failed to make any money, because I didn’t put any of those methods to practice.

I kept looking for better ways in anticipation of finding a better and quicker way of making online money. Perhaps I was looking for the “magic button” so I could push it and make money online. Of course, I never found one! I learned a lot of things on the subject of making money online, different ways and strategies, different tools and so on. But, non of that information was going to help me make money if I wasn’t going to take any action.

All I’m trying to tell you is to stop searching for an easier quicker way of making money. Pick one method and give it your best. It won’t help working on it for a while, only to give it up and look for another simpler way.

There is no doubt that there are many different ways of making online money. While some of them are quick, others are not. By simply knowing these methods you are not going to make any money. You must act if you like to make money. There is no point in continuing your search if you aren’t going to use your new found information.

Don’t waste time reading blogs and forums in search of quick ways to make money that will make you rich overnight. Please understand this, there is no such method! The only thing that can help you make money is your action.

It’s almost certain that any money making system will take time and effort before you start getting results. You just have to remain committed. Thankfully, most of the methods of earning money don’t cost you anything except your time, which you would otherwise be wasting looking for that magical way of making quick money any way.

In short, JUST DO IT. If you are really interested in making money online, you must act. Look for a simple way of making online money and give it your best. If it works, you earn money and you can take it a step further and earn more money. If it fails, look for another method. Rest assured that you’ll surely find a way that works well for you and your unique situation.

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  1. Thanks for the article. It’s really a great one. But I’m still in doubt, is it not fare to search for more better way of blogging in order to earn good money? It’s true that some time people losses their path in order to short cut in life but some times short cuts are better.

    • There’s nothing wrong to find the easiest way to achieve something. Bottomline is, we need to take action regardless, and lots of the time even the easiest way would require quite some hardwork. Even the best idea (or short cut) won’t work if we don’t put in a bit of effort.

      • Exactly! we can search all we want for the easiest, quickest and best way to make money, but what matters is what we will do with the information we find from our search.

  2. Making money Online is exactly like making money Offline. People tend to think that making money online is simple, because of the lower entry barrier, but the exit barrier is also low! It takes determination, hard work, patience and a hell lot of a time to make money Online. Like Offline businesses, one needs to invest in their Online business initially. Even if its time, it doesn’t come for free.

    • Thank you for emphasizing my point Raj. Unfortunately for a lot of us, no matter how many times we hear that, it still doesn’t get through. I juts dont understand why people think just because its the internet, making money on it is going to be easier.

      Thanks for commenting Raj.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great article. It really is motivating to just keep on trying to make money online. Thanks!

    • You are very welcome Peter. I am glad you find it motivating. Best of luck.

    • You are right. Anyway I am sure no one will fail forever, just keep trying… write good content and use the right techniques by learning from the successful ones, then you will succeed. I want to make a lot of money online too. :)

  4. I liked your approach of “Just Do It”. This is really motivating and one thing to keep in mind that there is no shortcut to get rich overnight unless you’re lucky enough to hit a jackpot. You need to work hard, especially in the beginning. Thanks for a nice piece of writing

    • Thank you. Yeah, I mean, you have to take action. Just sitting there and reading blogs and forums isn’t gonna make you any money, you ave to do some work to make money. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Yes absolutely instead of looking for the same thing again and again its better to act and provide full effort for the success.

  6. Yes I agree that there are some of us who would seriously find out the best of the ways to make money online, but at the same time they do not wish to use or implement those ways of making money in reality. At times I just wonder whether why they do this. I mean some of them are just keen on earning some extra money but they do not know ways to and some of them who are aware of some ways but still do not take efforts to execute the plans.

    • Jeo, as I said, I participate in lots of online IM forums and I am always amazed how so many people keep coming back to the same forum year after year, complaining that they still aren’t making money, despite numerous step by step guides, tips and information provided by so many people on these forums who are making money.

      Thanks for taking time to comment Jeo.

  7. Hi Satrap…like this very much.

    As this is bitter fact that many fails only due to this and worst thing is they don’t even realize it that they have done all good in gathering information but not put all that gathered stuff into effective action.

    As per me only information and knowledge is not enough to earn well but one should know to put it into ACTION.

    Thanks a lot for this small but highly important insight.

    • Hi Meg,

      Yes, unfortunately it is a bitter fact. I just wish people could wake up and realize that all the information in the world isn’t going to help them if they dont put this information into good use.

      Thanks for sharing your insight Meg.

  8. i agree. Just do it. Take action now before you late.

    Start smal l, but it works and give you some good result. Then, you can start try for big step.

    • Thats right Titan. Its all about implementing hat you have learned. Starting small is a good way to get your feet wet and learn as you go along. Thanks for commenting Titan.

  9. Great tips! I kept on learning, and sometimes I think I already know too much, Even though I have this ‘perfect idea’ to do everything right, I still have this Problem Implementing them.

    • Noah, you are not alone. I too sometimes think I have learned everything there is. But that’s never true, there is always something new to learn. Good luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. I get an interesting conclusion from an article written by Mr. satrap
    Finding the right method to our own and then practice them well is a key to our success to make money from online
    Thanks for sharing this article..

    • That’s exactly what I wanted to articulate in this artcile. You said in one sentence what I was trying to say in one whole artcile, lol. Thank you Rina.

    • You are right on, Rina. I have also tried many methods before finding the right formula to make money online. Anyway, what’s most important is to have reasonable and achievable targets and work hard towards it.