Biggest Reason You Are Not Making Money Online

Everybody is keen to make money online these days. With the current financial crises and a really bad job market, it’s no wonder more people are turning to internet to find a way to earn extra money. Unfortunately, most people who attempt to make money online will fail.

There are so many ways to make extra money that nearly anyone can find a method that suits their skills and capability. The reason for people failing in their efforts of making money online is not that they couldn’t find an appropriate way or that they couldn’t manage time for their new venture. No, the most common reason for many of us failing to make online money is because we FAIL to ACT. We keep searching continuously for different methods of making money, we find some that we consider to be good methods, we keep reading and learning about them for days, weeks and months, yet we fail to put any of those learned lessons into use.

I myself was a victim of that. Some years ago I got interested in making online money. So, like anybody else in that kind of a situation, I too started looking for helpful information and means of making money online. I joined a couple of online money making forums. I also subscribed to a couple of blogs that I thought were offering really good information about making money online and they proved to do so.

I did read a lot of good content and found some great ways to make online money. Some of them even provided simple step-by-step guides. Yet, I failed to make any money, because I didn’t put any of those methods to practice.

I kept looking for better ways in anticipation of finding a better and quicker way of making online money. Perhaps I was looking for the “magic button” so I could push it and make money online. Of course, I never found one! I learned a lot of things on the subject of making money online, different ways and strategies, different tools and so on. But, non of that information was going to help me make money if I wasn’t going to take any action.

All I’m trying to tell you is to stop searching for an easier quicker way of making money. Pick one method and give it your best. It won’t help working on it for a while, only to give it up and look for another simpler way.

There is no doubt that there are many different ways of making online money. While some of them are quick, others are not. By simply knowing these methods you are not going to make any money. You must act if you like to make money. There is no point in continuing your search if you aren’t going to use your new found information.

Don’t waste time reading blogs and forums in search of quick ways to make money that will make you rich overnight. Please understand this, there is no such method! The only thing that can help you make money is your action.

It’s almost certain that any money making system will take time and effort before you start getting results. You just have to remain committed. Thankfully, most of the methods of earning money don’t cost you anything except your time, which you would otherwise be wasting looking for that magical way of making quick money any way.

In short, JUST DO IT. If you are really interested in making money online, you must act. Look for a simple way of making online money and give it your best. If it works, you earn money and you can take it a step further and earn more money. If it fails, look for another method. Rest assured that you’ll surely find a way that works well for you and your unique situation.

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  1. I hear you on that one, I was once in your situation, searching for the ultimate way without putting anything in practice. There is nothing wrong is searching but I suggest, some action is also of order. The ideal thing is to try different techniques of making money and find the route that works best for you. Also there is not right way of making money, sometimes different techniques will have to be used at the same time.

  2. ghostfighter0506 says:

    Yes absolutely instead of looking for the same thing again and again its better to act and provide full effort for the success. | :P

  3. Excellent write up Satrap. After all, itís the passion for business and blogging that makes our way to make money online. But if the main goal just to make money online, I think that kind of blogger will fail. If we are passionate enough, keep on learning and create strategies for sure we can make money online – need to count long term strategies.

  4. It is my personal opinion that if a you are blogging just and only sake for money than you are actually insulting a great platform. I am not against making money through blog I am also doing it but you must have a vision, knowledge and ambition to be a successful blogger

  5. Very true! I was a victim of this also. Each day a lot of people are thinking to make money online but they fail to implement it. And I’m one of them. This is like a motivation for me that I have to put my ideas into action. Actually I have a blog that I started last September and after disapproved by google adsense I quit blogging. After reading your post I’m thinking to start a new blog again. It’s too early to quit. Great post Satrap!

  6. Hi Satrap,
    I so much agree with you that when it comes to trying to make money online, many fail because they do not act or they do not continue what they have started, while others never put into practice what they have learned. There are actually many ways how to earn money online, but it is up to you to find out which methods work best for you (that can fit into your lifestyle, your personality, and even your circumstances in life) and just do it.

  7. This is a great read. I am into affiliate marketing and I have come so many affiliate marketers who think that they could just sign up, leave their links on Facebook and just sit back What they don’t know is that, even in affiliate marketing, you have to make sure that you exert some effort in order to earn money.

  8. Yes, some of them I know keep reading new articles and blogs in search of some tips and tricks or some short ways to make some money online. But I think its sheer waste of time that we all do since they do not offer us quality tips. Moreover, some of us know some real good tips which will help us in making money online but we do not implement those tips in reality which I think is wrong.

  9. Sir when I was reading your post as if you were talking to me. Yes, I have been reading so much that everything seems so chaotic on my mind. When you say Just do it! yes I will!

  10. Satrap, this is something that I call determination. If you are determined to make money online and work towards it, then you will.