Top 5 Rules of Successful Blogs

5 Blogging Rules of Successful Blogs

In all honesty, blogging isn’t for everyone. Not everyone can be a successful business owner, and owning a successful blog follows several of the same pretenses.

However, if you think you have what it takes to start and maintain a profitable blog, be sure to abide by the top 5 blogging rules to create a strong foundation for success.

1. Find a Niche
If you are writing about a wide variety of subjects, you are bound to spread yourself a little too thin. Don’t focus on topics that you wouldn’t consider yourself an authority about. Write about one topic you are passionate about whether that be elementary education, personal finance for single moms, or uses. Readers will appreciate your topic streamlining, and will turn to you as their authority.

2. Be Creative
If your blog looks like everyone else’s and reads like everyone else’s, then you can guarantee you will not have successful blog. People want something new and interesting so be creative. Take a different stance. Find a different topic. Include fresh videos, pictures, and sound bytes. Don’t be afraid to try something new and creative. In fact, it will be one of the only things to get you ahead of the competition.

3. Write Like You Speak
Blogs are not academic papers, and therefore should not sound like one. Blog posts are short, personal, and tend to be riddled with opinion. Instead of using a thesaurus as you write and frequently checking your MLA handbook for correct punctuation, simply write how you speak. Your readers will be able to follow you more easily, and you will be able to hammer out blog posts more quickly.

4. Only Your Perspective Counts
Don’t let yourself be swayed when writing. Your personal opinion is why people come to your blog, and if they notice that you are beginning to be heavily influenced by others comments or styles, they will begin to lose respect for you. And when your readers lose respect, they stop reading your blog.

5. Focus On Your Audience
Focusing on your audience doesn’t mean that you need to sway your opinion to their liking; it simply means that you need to keep a target audience in mind. If you are wanting to write to jaded 20-somethings, then don’t use language and focus on topics that pertain to retirees.

Wrap Up

Having a successful blog isn’t easy, and requires dedication and energy. Success may not come overnight, but by adhering to the essential blog rules, you may just have a profitable blog quicker than you originally thought.

About Lee Ka Hoong

Lee is a part time blogger and he writes about blogging tips, make money online, search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, traffic building and etc. He shares his adventure and experience on how to make money blogging with a blog.


  1. Promote – promote – promote your blog every day. and some day you will get supprised that your blog is no. 1 SERP

  2. Lennart Heleander from Property Marbella says:

    Hi Lee,
    And not to long articles of 700-800 words with many diagrams and 2-3 video clips.
    Divide instead the article in 2-3 parts and referring to the other articles.

    • The ideal length of the article differs depending on topic and blogging style. 700-800 is nice for educational blogs but 200-300 is good enough for most others, especially if we are targeting younger audiences (gadgets, fashion etc.)

      People won’t bother to read much these days unless they are seriously wanting to learn something (which imo count for a very small portion in online world these days).

      • I read any article that I found useful, I don’t care about the length – I read because I want to learn something.

        • I agree with you Neo, articles must not always be written according to length. The content, whether it is long or short, must be good and valuable enough for everyone who would like to read and understand more about a particular subject.

  3. As a blogger always try to use your own writing skills, don’t try to copy someone. You can take some inspiration from other bloggers but evaluate it in your own way. Try to answer your readers if they ask any question, that shows your involvement to them and helps to create strong relationship.

    • Hi Aanchal, I agree with you. When writing your own post, write in a style that is natural to yours. Do not try to copy someone as it will prove to be futile in the long run. You can take basic English lessons online if you have trouble with your English (especially if English is not their native language).

  4. For any blogger it’s really important that they use simple language while writing their post so that every reader can understand what you want to say….. I mean there would be many new readers who actually don’t know much about particular topic but came to your blog to learn it.

  5. Uniqueness will define your blog well. You need to ensure that you choose a niche topic so that you get good hits over your blog. Also be creative in your thought. Being casual while writing blogs will get you more readers to your blog. Your content should force the readers to stop and comment on your blog. More over uploading recent videos and pictures would add more value to your blog.

  6. You are on point with these tips. I think the most important thing you hit was to write like you talk. No body wants to be lectured, and including your own dialect can really help a reader get to know you a bit better.

  7. For me the most important rule is to love what you are writing about because if you don’t really like what you are writing then you will lose the will to continue writing after a few months or less

  8. Whether you are blogging about a subject you are passionate about or to build your brand it pays to let some of your personality shine through. So many marketers hide behind their blogs and that just makes them impersonal. It helps to let your readers know a little of your personal life too. so they know you are a real person.

  9. Most is optimizing for search engines. If we do not have visitors, there is no use of doing all these..

    • Optimizing for search engines is an important strategy to bring in good traffic. But what’s more important and should be done consistently is to produce good quality content.

  10. I like the “Write Like You Speak” and “Focus On Your Audience” part most, you’ve described all the matter and rules for building a successfull blog… Every newbie bloggers should follow this rules…