Why you are a bad internet marketer if you don’t know what’s planking

First thing first, this post is certainly not in favor of planking, in fact, the post is not about planking by any means. And sorry to break it to you but “Planking” is not some new link building tactic either, it is actually the age old internet meme previously known as the “lying down game”, which has been the talk of cyber town after an Australian guy lost his life while trying to plank (and the more bizarre part is that this practice has gained more momentum afterwards).

Planking is yet another craze, fueled by, none other than our very own Internet (Facebook to be more precise) and it’s all about lying face down, preferably at some public (or any other absurd place), taking a photo and sharing it with others on social network. While some of these plankers actually choose an interesting place or angle, the practice in itself, is as pointless as any other meme (and at times quite unsafe). But regardless of how pointless or inane an Internet craze sounds, for a marketer, that actually shows how much buzz and free publicity can a seemingly pointless but smartly triggered trend or viral content can create for your business, remember people dancing at apple stores? Oh and talking of Apple, their are images of some of Apple employees doing planking.

So, what propels me to make this ludicrous claim that an internet marketer, who’s not aware of this weird meme is not good at his/her jobs? Well, despite being a little overbroad, the title is actually not wide off the mark, because it highlights the importance of staying acquainted with each and every “in thing” at cyber world, especially those which are getting popular amongst your targeted consumers.

Being a marketer, one has to be aware of how these Internet trends and fads work, because it can help a great deal in developing viral marketing or link bait campaigns. Once you are able to asses as to what attracts people’s attention and what doesn’t, you can come up with much better content, videos, and advertisements.

Let’s take a look at how this knowledge can help in different phases of Internet Marketing.

Content Creation

Web has its own language, or dialect, and when you are writing content for the web, you have got to keep this distinction in mind, or your content will fall flat. While creating content, you’ve got to keep in mind things like what makes an internet user click at a link, what grabs their attention when they are quickly scanning through the pages, what makes them stop and comment, things like that will help you create the content that stick out and do the job.

Link Building

With each passing day, and with each impending update in Google’s algorithm, link building is becoming more and more difficult. Slowly but surely, all of those easy and bulk link-building methods are losing their worth, link building is certainly not a copy-paste job, marketers need to select target websites carefully, then analyze each of these short listed targets and think of appropriate ways to approach the webmasters, and acquire a link to your website. No matter how good and deserving is your website, a lot will depend on how you engage the webmasters, try contacting them with a make-shift template and they will instantly discard your message as spam. The internet marketer or SEO professional needs to be internet savvy to be able to realize the nuisance of spam and how to go around all of these hurdles, and win a back link for his/her website, which is well worth the effort.

Product Development

Internet started as a quick and relatively inexpensive mode of communication, it slowly transformed into an information hub and also an entertainment source, and now it is slowly becoming the place to do business. Being the internet marketer you need to keep an eye on all of these developments, trends, and how the online consumer behavior and overall culture is taking shape, only then you will be able to develop appropriate products for your online business.

Image from Apple Wallpaper.

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Arba is a business development expert by profession. Currently, she's working for sell a Marriott timeshare and sell a Wyndham timeshare.


  1. No one is a bad marketer and no one is good marketer. It just a marketing strategy they selects. For a marketer its good to get his product maximum exposed in market.

  2. Planking? What kind of food is that?haha..joking..I have to work this out. Link building is getting tough. The competition becomes tighter and tighter every day.

  3. I indeed a lot of idea and thought you’ve shared in the article… i enjoyed reading your article… I’m new in SEO Planking is new in my mind… Thanks you’ve shared me this kind of tactics…. Great post…

  4. Wow ! I never thought I’m bad.. But although I’m still having a hard time figuring out what planking really means :D

  5. It was really out of the box, how you relate planking with Internet marketing.
    Well, it is really necessary these days, to discover some new techniques which will make crowd follow you and your blog.

  6. i have read some of your post and happy to see but… I don’t know more about website marketing can you please give me some referance link for study or video tutorial will happy to get help.

  7. Indeed, to be a great and effective internet marketer you should be aware with “what’s new?” in the internet and be mindful of the new trends.

  8. Hi Arba,
    First time for me about planking too!! Your information is very clear and understandable. The three steps are great. And, once again ‘content’ wins out. It is something we must concentrate on all the time.